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Diane and Keith


GALLERY: Gallery A

AGE: 10 and 8


Diane’s schooling has been up and down. She is affectionate towards the people she is familiar with. She likes to be the center of attention wants to feel loved. She eats well but does not like to wake up early. She is active and always doing something. She loves to dance and is good at it. Diane is sociable and enjoys being the center of attention. She can easily be the leader of any group. She really loves animals and tries to protect small children. Because of her past, she is afraid of being lonely, and always seeks someone’s company, especially at bedtime.

Keith is not great at school either. If he feels comfortable enough, he can be affectionate. He constantly seeks adult approval and tries to get their attention. He eats well but has trouble sleeping. Keith loves sports (especially soccer), and also likes to do theater. He has speech development issues but is very sociable and rarely shy. He also loves to be the center of attention. Keith is very affectionate towards small children as if he wants to give them the protection he did not have. He needs guidance and supervision to fulfill all his daily routines. He is sad when he thinks about the fact that he does not have a permanent family.