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Diana and Karolina


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 8 and 12


DIANA, DOB: Jan. 10, 2009, oldest of 2 sisters. Diana studies in 6th grade. Favorite subjects are Ukrainian language and literature and math, studies at mid-level, after school goes to handicrafts, wood carving, weaving, drawing and she likes these activities very much. Diana is a great helper at home, washing dishes, cleaning the house, helping with all sorts of errands and tasks.  Great girl. Loves parrots and loves animals.  Has many friends, generous, polite, nice girl. Loves pizza but would eat anything cooked in the house.  She has great respect for adults and older peers and is very popular with other children. She mainly plays outside. She enjoys snow sledding and roller skating. Loves nice girly clothing.

KAROLINA, DOB: APRIL 11, 2013.  Karolina studies in 2nd grade in school, favorite subjects at school are drawing and reading, PT, jumping, roller skating, and snow sledding.  Active great little girl!  Loves animals, cats, parrots, dogs, chickens – they have some chickens in the yard, and both sisters take care of them.  She has many friends, tried to count them during the interview, and could not count them all, so many girls she considers friends. She loves pizza, coconuts, mangos, yogurts, dairy stuff made at home and would eat anything. Love to play with dolls and with her sister, loves handcrafts, and works with soft clay.  She loves to wear jeans.  Both girls are very friendly with each other and spend a lot of time together.  They are under the guardianship of their great aunt, who really wants the girls to travel to the U.S.