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Denys and Alexi


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 11 and 8



Denys, studies in 4th grade. Good student, happily does all homework and happily goes to school, but does not care much for math. After school he spends time with his friends outside, riding a bike, playing soccer and playing other active games. But his most favorite time spending is Lego and other types of construction. Denys can do pretty complicated Lego models, above his age. Also he would go to a forest and collect various pieces of wood and would construct a dog house, or a toy house or another wood model. When outside he also practices elementary gymnastics moves/practices, hangs or a bar, does push ups, and wants to get stronger then he was yesterday! Denys has a brother:

Alexi, studies in 2nd grade at school. Great students, studies at “A” level on all subjects! He loves to study, never has to be reminded to do his homework – does it with pleasure. Like his older brother likes to do Lego constructions, plays checkers and some other table games. Also likes to spend time outside with his friends riding bikes, playing soccer and other active games. Kind boy – likes to take care of dogs. Likes when his results are recognized. All brothers help their guardian outside (orchard, garden) and around the house. Along with Denys Alexi likes to collect berries and mushrooms in the forest. All are very obedient kids.