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Dasha and Denis


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 10 and 13


Panchenko Denis, DOB: Feb. 10, 2011, studies in 4th grade. Favorite subjects are PT, drawing.  After school, Denis gets busy helping his guardian around the house and yard/orchard/garden, help with domestic animals, mostly chicken.  In fact, he is the one asking the guardian to buy sheep, a horse, and a cow, promising he will take the lead in taking care of these difficult to manage animals. After work, he would report to the guardian what he has done and is happy when his work is appreciated. When he has not done something right – he will ask what his mistakes were and will work on fixing them until it’s done!  Denis loves to travel. Even small travels by car are his dream-come-true each time it happens. Denis is a friendly, open, communicative boy, inquisitive, has a million questions.  Denis has one sister:

Panchenko Daria / Dasha, DOB: May 5, 2008, who studies in 7th grade. Daria loves to go to school. Her favorite subjects are history, the Ukrainian language, and literature.  She loves to learn poems, recite them, read books. Daria loves to spend time outside with her friends, but the guardian limits her time out with work in the house and yard.  Daria loves to draw and sing.  Daria used to go to lessons with a professional vocals teacher, but this teacher is not available anymore, and no other such teachers reside in her village. Daria loves small children. There is a 3 y.o. boy in the neighborhood, and Daria always asks to go and take care of him. Kids are under the guardianship of a person who has met the kids accidentally and has only been with this guardian for 3 months.