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Cathy and Jane


GALLERY: Gallery A

AGE: 12 and 14


Cathy enjoys reading, drawing, going to the pool or a lake, playing soccer, and playing with dolls. She loves to express her feelings through writing letters. She likes to wear jeans and dresses. Her favorite sports are basketball and soccer. She likes watching television and playing out in front of the orphanage with peers. She adapts easily to changes in her life and has strong emotional ties with those she is close to, especially her sister. She is a loving, tender, and a sometimes extroverted girl who obeys adults and follows the rules. She loves animals. Cathy said, “I think it would be very nice to have a family who loves and protects us and helps us have a better future. It would be really cool to have parents who do not fight.” One day she would like to become a social worker or possibly a policewoman.

Jane is a sensitive girl and very close to her sister. She makes friends quickly and is well-liked; she is considered a leader among her peers. She has an upbeat personality.  Her favorite activities are skating, chess, and soccer. She likes jeans, sports dresses, and formal dresses. She also loves music, painting, and reading. Like her sister, she has shown excellent ability to adapt to life’s changes. Her priority is to attend college and become a biologist or a paleontologist. She is very passionate about her future. She said, “I see myself in  the future graduating and my adopted family congratulating me on being a biologist or a paleontologist and accomplishing many more things in the future.” Jane believes that a family can offer her and her sister a new opportunity to be happy. In her own words: “Having a family means that you will always have a support system and people who will always take care of you as their own child.”