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Bohdan and Diana


GALLERY: Gallery A

AGE: 10 and 9



Diana is a sweet girl, rather shy and smart. Diana loves to play table games with her friends and also loves to spend time outside. She loves sports, did not single out any particular type of sports as her favorite and she takes part in various sports competitions in the orphanage, like running, gymnastics, ball games. Diana has been in the orphanage since the first grade and now studies in 4th grade. She is a good student and praised by her teachers. Diana is a great eater, doesn’t have allergies and generally fairly healthy girl. Diana has a brother:

Bohdan has been in the orphanage since the first grade and now studies in 5th grade. He’s clever, can be shy and quiet sometimes. Bohdan can focus well on the things that interest him, like collecting Lego. He loves sports, especially soccer and spends much time outside with his friends. He is respected by his peers and adults and has good recommendations from the teachers and staff of the orphanage. Bohdan is a great eater and doesn’t have any allergies. Bohdan is kind and he likes animals.