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AGE: 8


Anya, DOB: 08.26.2012, studies in 2nd grade, favorite subjects are handicrafts, drawing, wood carving, and paper cutting.  She is the best student in her class in English a great student highly praised by her teachers. She also goes to an English tutor. Anya is an ‘A’ student in all subjects.  After school, she continues classes in drawing and handicrafts. Anya is planning to start musical school next year.  She is quiet, calm, very obedient, well-tempered, nice, and sweet.  Always performs all tasks given by adults, never any problem with her.  The headmaster recommended that Anya is given more responsibility in everything she does and has matured ahead of her age in school.  Anya is a fully healthy girl. Great eater, would eat anything cooked by adults.  Has many friends in school and church. Never aggressive. Guardian is not blood-related to Anya.  She is a Christian and did not want to see Anya go to an orphanage when she became an orphan and took guardianship. Anya has older sibs: brother 21 and sister 19. Is it very important for the guardian that Anya goes to a Christian family.