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Anna S


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 11


Anna / Anya, DOB: May 14. Studies in 5th grade.  Favorite subjects are PT, math, Ukrainian language, labor/handicrafts, drawing.  After school, Anya does her homework and then goes to her soccer club training on some days and drawing class other days – she loves both classes. Anya is a great helper to her guardian around the house, orchard, and garden.  Also, Anya watches after her small nephews, who are 7 and 1 years old.  Anya is a very creative and artistic girl – she likes to sing and does it during village concerts and performances.  Anya loves animals, especially cats.  A female cat in the house had babies, and Anya cried when the guardian gave the kittens away.  Anya has 2 best friends: one goes to school together with Anya and the second is Anya’s neighbor who Anya plays ball with and play phone games and watch and make funny videos. No allergies or health issues – healthy, strong, active girl. Anya is one of 5 siblings, all much older than her. Anya is under the guardianship of her aunt.