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Angelina and Ilya


GALLERY: Gallery D (Special needs)

AGE: 12 and 10



Ilya studies in the 4th grade of the orphanage school. His favorite subject is arts and drawing. Amiable boy! Quickly enters into contact/relationship with both kids and adults. He likes to attract the attention of adults towards him. Loves role games, puts on theatrical costumes, loves all outdoor games, runs and catch me games, and loves table games. He can stay focused on the same game for a long time. Love music, dances (VERY MUCH!), cartoons. Ilya loves to help adults and perform the tasks of caregivers. Loves dance and music classes in an orphanage! He takes care of himself well on most things: eats himself, cleans teeth himself, washes up himself, dresses himself up mostly.


Angelina studies in 3rd grade. Her favorite subject is reading. Great girl! Angelina has a minor problem with her speech which should be correctable by a speech therapist, love, and individual attention. Unfortunately, her speech delay was ignored and not taken care of at the proper time. Connected to that, Angelina does not like long sentences and successfully learned how to express herself in short phrases. She reads well, though, and loves it. A very good helper to adults, eager to run an errand tasked by an adult. Very well balanced, girl. Attentive! Loves dance and music classes in the orphanage! She loves to watch animals when the orphanage organizes a trip to the zoo. Angelina does not like long sentences and learned how to express herself in short phrases successfully. Angelina knows she can speak better, and when I offered to pronounce some sounds to her that were hard for her, she attentively listened to me and really tried to repeat them right.