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AGE: 9



Andriy studies in 4th grade. Favorite subjects are math and hand crafts. After school he loves to play computer and phone games, focusing on car races. Andriy loves to help to cook, can already cook some dishes himself with little help and loves to experiment with cooking! Very creative and curious boy. Andriy is a true car professional for his age – he knows all car brands and many models, interested in what years they were built, how the cars improved historically, etc.. Also likes motorcycles, dreams to ride specific bike models and loves 4-wheel-runners / off-roaders. Andriy loves to ride his bicycle again with friends. Andriy is friendly and loves to spend time outside with friends, but can also focus on one activity at home for a long time, for instance he loves to build lego sets. Andriy is a hard working boy, loves to help his guardian with the yard, orchard and garden. Andriy has an older half-sister who is over 21 and married. Andriy is under guardianship of a family member.