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Anastasia V


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 10


Anastasia DOB: Aug. 20, Studies in 5th grade.  Favorite subjects are PT, labor/handcrafts studies, English, math, dances. After school, 3 times a week, Nastya goes to a dance studio, mostly folk, sports, and modern dances. Nastya loves to cook – recently, she cooked biscuits and creme totally by herself.  Makes good salads and other simple dishes herself.  She loves to spend time outside with her girlfriends – badminton, basketball, feed ducks, and swans in a park.  Practice gymnastics.  She loves to make videos with her phone, keep a FB page and Instagram account. Guardian monitors what Nastya puts out and looks at – never problems with that.  Nastya is an obedient girl, understands discipline, and there are never any problems with her behavior.  Nastya is joyful, energetic, communicative, kids always gather around her, has a great sense of humor, a real little star J.  Monitors the news in music, dances, and style – but all according to her age, girly stuff.  She can be quiet and calm but can protect her point of view if she really wants to.  Nastya is under the guardianship of her aunt.  She has an older half-brother.