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Anastasia Anya and Ivan


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 11, 10, 7


Lomakina Nastya, DOB: Nov. 12, 2009. Studies in 5th grade. Studies at a good level. Favorite subjects PT and handicrafts. She especially likes creating things with beads—Studies English and German in school. Very detailed oriented by characteristics of teachers: likes to understand all nuances, will ask questions if something is not clear, curious, wants to nail things down to make sure she is comfortable with what she is doing.  Hardworking person. Joyful girl, very communicative, friendly, modest, and shy sometimes.  Easily enters into contact/relationship with peers and adults.  She loves to play outside with friends.  Have a small dog pickiness who even wants to eat with Nastya sits down to eat.  Nastya is a great helper around the house. Loves fried potatoes and all Ukrainian dishes and rice and sushi. Guardian has a garden where all 3 kids help as well. Dreams of having an electric scooter.  Dreams of becoming a nurse and work at a massage studio. 

Lomakina Anna/Anya, DOB: Dec. 14, 2010.  Studies in 3rd grade. Studies at a good level. Very hard working girl, WANTS to help out her grandma with everything even without asking.  Frequently grandma would come home, and Anya would say: Grandma, I already cleaned all the dishes, washed the floor, and cleaned all the dust, you won’t have to do anything of that today.  Teachers praise Anya for being an active and a great helper. Favorite subjects are the Ukrainian language, drawing, and PT.   She loves to play outside and walk the dog. Has many friends.  Guardian has a garden where all 3 kids help as well.  Dreams to fly on the airplane, learn how to jump with a parachute. Dreams to become a cook. 

Lomakin Ivan / Vanya, DOB: April 07, 2014.  Studies in 2nd grade. Favorite subjects are math, Ukrainian language and nature, and «world around us» and PT.  Studies at a good level. Loves to ride a bike, helps grandma and older sibs around the house, spends time outside with friends, doing home school work, spends time at children’s playgrounds at swings.  He dreams of learning to drive a car and ultimately have one for himself when he grows up. He dreams of becoming a cook and own a goat that he would manage by himself. Great helper in the harden, loves land work, agriculture.

All 3 sibs have great behavior, never aggressive, help each other. All 3 sibs are under the guardianship of grandmother.