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Anastasia and Nikita


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 10 and 8



Anastasia studies in 3rd grade. Her favorite subjects are reading and writing and other humanities subjects. After school Anastasia goes to a dance studio 3 – 4 times a week! Her favorite are ballet dances. Anastasia also likes to roller skate, likes to swim – she attends a swimming pool once or twice a week and spends a lot of time on the beach in summers. She loves dogs. Anastasia is a communicative person with strong leadership potential. She has many friends and is respected by them. She easily finds new friends. She has a brother:

Nikita Studies in 2nd grade. Favorite subjects in school are ALL subjects, Nikita says, but singled out math as most liked. After school Nikita attends hip-hop dances where he is the only boy, but that does not bother him. Very active child, very energetic! He does not like to sit still – Nikita needs to get out and do things, jump, etc! Strong personality and leadership potential. Nikita has many friends. He is very friendly with his sister, she is a true authority for him. He would give his last shirt or last food to his sister. Never any problems with behavior for both kids. Both are curious kids, both love traveling and long walks.