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Alicia and Danielle


GALLERY: Gallery A

AGE: 14 and 10


Alicia enjoys school and has a high valuation in the subjects of: artistic education, ethics and values, physical education and mathematics. She is well behaved, resilient, empathetic and affectionate. She characterizes by being highly collaborative, supportive, organized and dedicated.


Danielle is a caring, intelligent, creative girl who is happy to help other people. She likes to dance, skate and do any type of art. She has a strong performance in subjects such as English and mathematics. She is sincere in interacting with others, and has strong communication skills. She enjoys helping her peers in academic activities and highlights her attitudes of tenderness, affection, joy and respect.


The girls have expressed their high expectation of having a family, with whom they can significantly share the affection and love of home.


“I hope to have a family that is very respectful, to give us all the love, to take care of us like their daughters, with whom we can support and enjoy each other very much.”