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Slav Ruslan and Sofia


GALLERY: Gallery A

AGE: 12 10


SLAV 12 is a friendly, obedient (no behavior issues), positive, easy-going boy. He does well at school. He likes sports (gymnastics), dancing, playing different games with his friends and peers at school and in the orphanage. Sviatoslav also likes to recite poetry (see video). And he likes to make various products from cardboard and wood. He wants to be a builder. Favorite food; pizza, coke. Sofia and Sviatoslav are twins.

RUSLAN 10 is funny, happy, very positive, very communicative. Ruslan has a disability group due to a problem with his arm bones, they don’t bend despite Ruslan being very athletic and can do a somersault and some incredible things on the horizontal bar. He has many friends and loves playing with them different games. His favorite food is buckwheat and pizza. Favorite color is black.

SOFIA 12 is very smart, sweet, obedient, hardworking, compassionate, and sociable. She does great at school and loves it, her favorite subjects are Music and Arts, she also loves sports especially gymnastics. And she likes drawing, dancing, playing with her friends different indoor and outdoor games. She wants to be an Art teacher.  Sofia’s favorite food is pizza, her favorite color-yellow.