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AGE: 10



Sasha, studies in 5th grade and studies with pleasure. Favorite subjects: arts / drawing, music, hand crafts, IT / computers. After school Sasha does his homework and then goes outside to play with his friends.. Sasha’s guardian lives near a village school stadium where Sasha likes to spend time with his friends, doing gymnastics, playing soccer and other ball games. Sasha also likes to spend time with his cousins who live not far away. Sasha loves wood carving and other hand crafts. Sasha lives in a remote village where they grow fruit and vegetables and Sasha is a great helper to his guardian. Very organized and hard working boy, not afraid to do any sort of village work. Helps with growing chickens as well. LOVES animals, kind and caring boy. Sasha is communicative but has one best friend in school. Always ready to share with those near him – many examples of that, even his favorite ice-cream would always share with his friends and cousins. Sasha volunteered to helping a team of social service workers of the village who help the elderly of the village who cannot help themselves.