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Nikita and Anastasia


GALLERY: Gallery A

AGE: 14 and 15


Nikita, DOB: Aug. 15, 2007. Nikita studies in 7th grade. Favorite subjects PT and IT studies. Nikita’s favorite sport is soccer; he loves to both play and watch it over TV. This summer, Nikita is trying to monitor what is happening with Euro 2021 soccer tournament. He takes part in district-level soccer championships. Also, he likes to watch TV programs, movies. Nikita loves animals. His favorite ones are lions, dogs, and cats. Along with his friends, Nikita is helping to take care of the homeless dogs and cats who live near the orphanage and come to the orphanage to get some food. Nikita has 3 good friends with who he plays soccer. Nikita is a kind and soft boy. His friends speak very highly of him. They characterize him as a great helper. He will always be there when his friends need him. Nikita says if he won a lottery, he would buy or build a great house. Nikita has not yet decided who he wants to become when he grows up. Director characterized Nikita as a very positive and problem-free boy!
Nastya Petrova May 1, 2006 – sister of Nikita – great girl! Kind, hard-working, studies at an outstanding level, smart and talented. Has leadership potential. In the last 2 years, she has focused more on sports. Her favorite types are volleyball and basketball. She has been practicing a lot and has great progress! They have been hosted before. They have a 19-year-old sister who has aged out of adoption.