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AGE: 8


Liza DOB: July 12, 2012, studies in 3rd grade.  Favorite subjects are math and Ukrainian language and literature.  Liza loves to read! After school, she does her homework. Sometimes she asks her guardian to help with math as she wants to make sure she understands everything and does everything correctly. After that, she would read a book. She also likes to ride a bike, help the guardian with domestic animals at the orchard and garden and around the house. Also, Liza likes to draw and make small presents that she makes herself, esp handcrafts presents.  Then she gives these presents away to neighbors and everyone she enjoys talking to.  Now she is drawing a large picture of two horses with the help of numbers that determine which color to put into each dot. Plans to become a hairdresser and nail polishing specialist.  Sometimes she wants to become a vet as she loves animals.  During the interview, Liza said: «If I find a huge suitcase with money, I would buy presents for all children who do not have parents as well as little houses for homeless dogs.»  Very kind and sensitive girl. Legal status: mother died in 2015and in 2020, her father died.  Liza is under the guardianship of her grandmother. Liza has a half-sister named Alina under the guardianship of another person,