I hope the attached links are found helpful to host families. They introduce how parenting & working with children from trauma & hard places may differ from those who have come from healthy, nurturing environments.

While our time together should not be to diagnose or “fix” a child’s behaviors rather finding the best way to connect. My hope is a bit of trauma education gives us a deeper understanding into how to better nurture and care for the children in our lives, giving each child and family the best hosting experience possible.

Meeting the child where they are, much unconditional love and lots of humor go a long way. Even in those not so pleasant situations we are all faced with.

One extremely helpful book I would highly recommend to all:

“The Connected Child”

by Karyn Purvis & David Cross

Additional books:

“Beyond Consequence, Logic and Control”

by Heather Forbes

“Wounded Children Healing Homes”

by Jayne Schooler, Betsy Smaller, Timothy Callahan

Brief introduction of what TBRI approach is:

Children from Hard Places and the Brain:

IDEAL Response :

Responding to aggressive and violent behavior:

Effective ways to deal with sleep issues:

How do I handle lying:

– Maggie Scobie, Hosting Coordinator