The cafe trains orphanage children in the morning and is for business to the community in the afternoon and evening. We believe that this project will enable us to further achieve our vision of investing in the future of the children and enabling them to change their lives and move forward in the struggling economy that is present in Nicaragua.

Purpose of the Internet Cafe

Throughout Central America, small internet cafe’s are extremely popular and are utilized by people of all socio-economic classes. While the area in and around Managua, Nicaragua has several internet cafe’s, there is not an upscale internet cafe’s with air conditioning and fast internet service’s in the area. Through the Casa Bernabe Orphanage Internet Cafe Small Business Project, older students and graduates from the Casa Bernabe Orphanage will learn a myriad of valuable and life-changing skills and the profits of the Internet Cafe will create scholarship opportunities for older students and graduates who desire to attend universities or technical schools. The Casa Bernabe Orphanage Internet CafeSmall Business Project is a project that will not only sustain itself, but it will provide an important educational and life-skill set for orphaned Nicaraguan children. The Casa Bernabe Orphanage is a children’s home for orphans, children abandoned for economic and social reasons, and children from troubled homes. This orphanage is one of more than eighty orphanages within the country of Nicaragua; and, it is located in Vera Cruz, a small town approximately thirty minutes from the capital of Managua.

The Casa Bernabe Orphanage has been in existence for approximately twenty years; and, the orphanage houses an average of one hundred and twenty five children and staff, with the hope of expanding to two hundred children and fifty children and staff in the future. Year after year, Frontier Horizon struggles as older children inevitably run away from the orphanage and end up pregnant or with a young family, unemployed, and begging to put their child back in the orphanage. With a real-world education and practical business skills, high school students and graduates will have the skills and ability to choose a different path from that of the cycle of poverty. Due to the poverty that pervades the nation of Nicaragua, providing young adults with business, social, and financial guidance in addition to a university education is paramount.

The project would include not only Casa Bernabe orphans but older students from other orphanages, the dump (“La Chureca” where extremely poor families have set up make-shift homes) and the Nueva Vida refugee camp. Through the Casa Bernabe Orphanage Internet Cafe Small Business Project, Frontier Horizon seeks to:

  • Educate and train older orphanage students and graduates in business skills, inter-personal skills, computer skills, management skills, and leadership skills.
  • Hire older orphanage children and graduates so that they earn a small salary, and train workers about basic banking and basic money-management skills.
  • Provide VERBO school students with structured, supervised time on the computer as part of their academic and educational experience.
  • Use Internet Cafe profits to improve the orphanage education system and establish a fund that sends the high school graduates to college or vocational school.