Panederia La Paz, the bakery is located in Vera Cruz, Nicaragua is a self-sufficiency project that was started in order to empower and financially help women living in the town of Vera Cruz.

The bakery is always in need of supplies and renovations in order to further their business.

Purpose of the bakery

Our group organized 26 women in September 2000, with the help of Peace Corps volunteer Katherine Joseph, who was serving in the community of Vera Cruz. We first organized informally through the Center for Children and Families in Vera Cruz to make soymilk and serve it to needy children in the community. Through this experience, we learned of the necessity of being self-sufficient and proactive in our desire to better our situations: if we wanted to improve our lives and our community, we could not continue to depend on our husbands or other people. We realized we needed to organize in a more concrete way, and work together to create a way to produce income for ourselves. With this goal in mind, we formed our organization: The Asociacion de Mujeres Santa Cruz.