Nicaragua. May, 2021

On my recent trip to Nicaragua, we took pictures of kids for the hosting program, organized a food giveaway, and took the kids out on several different activities. During the food giveaway, I am often invited into families’ homes. One older woman living alone with no other family, a single mom with two young children, and the list goes on. Sometimes, families have small gifts for me like keychains or special thank you cards. I always feel uncomfortable as the American with money coming into the house for 5 minutes, leaving and returning to a nice hotel and eventually back to a comfortable life in America. What sovereign choice made me the giver of gifts rather than the one in desperate need? I think of that lonely older woman on her own every day. It seems so unfair, so unjust. I don’t merit the position I have, and I’ll never understand it. But I am grateful and glad that I can do some good with it.

A small team from Frontier Horizon recently went on a mission trip to Nicaragua. Here’s a look at the behind the scenes organization of our recent grocery giveaway there. We were able to buy groceries to support 22 families there. Thank you to our generous donors that made this happen! Each family received a grocery package from Frontier Horizon that included:

15 pounds of rice
8 pounds of beans
5 pounds of sugar
3 pounds of salt
1 pound of oatmeal
1 pound of Pinolillo
1 1/2 liters of oil
1 cookies package
10 mini boxes of match
4 pastas
4 bags of coffee
1 big toothpaste
30 units of eggs

For cleaning:
2 big powder detergent
3 bath soaps
3 chlorines
2 toilet papers
3 laundry soap
3 dish washing detergents
1 aromatic