It is important for all host families to know that the Nicaragua hosting program is entirely separate from adoption. We are not an adoption agency and cannot hold a child for a particular family. The adoption process in Nicaragua is challenging, and the children available for hosting are not presently available for adoption. However, if a family decides to pursue adoption, they must choose the adoption agency they wish to work with. FH is not involved in the adoption process. When you are hosting from Nicaragua for the first time, it is best to do it for the experience alone. Many of these kids have little hope for a future and little guidance to get them there. Their lives are filled with struggle, loneliness and no real family unit to depend on. Host families have the chance to give a child a real summer or Christmas vacation for the first time in their life. It’s an opportunity for a child to see what a real family is like and give them life goal to work towards. We do not work solely with Nicaraguan orphanages for the hosting program. The children are often selected from local poor communities. In many cases, the children from these communities are not any better off than an orphan child, and in some cases, their conditions are worse. Our primary goal is to develop an awareness of the poverty in Nicaragua; to create a bond between the child and a US or Canadian family so they can help improve the quality of the child’s life. The program not only helps the hosted child. Part of the funding from the hosting program goes to projects that benefit all the children we work with; the program helps provide for the basic needs ( food, clothing, medical and educational needs) of many more children than those who directly participate in the program. After hosting, families often want to help other kids. From the hosting experience, we develop mission trip teams or obtain funding for self-sufficiency projects (which teach children job skills they can use to support themselves later in life). Imagine the power to change the life of one child, to provide a new environment so they can grow, dream and work for a better life and in turn change other people’s lives on the way. Please consider the potential you have to change a child’s life when you choose to host from Nicaragua.