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Mission Trips

Mission Trips

Host Family Trips

This trip allows families who have hosted a child in the US the opportunity to see where their child comes from. Our hosting program enables orphan and poor children to come over to the US for three-four weeks twice a year. Besides the opportunity to continue a personal relationship with the child these trips offer an eye opening experience into the struggles into the daily lives of orphan children in foreign countries.

College/High School Trips

These trips combine a spring break atmosphere with humanitarian aid. We go to the beach, amusement park, movies, carnival and other fun activates with the orphan children. The trip takes away the sheer boredom that is often associated with destitute poverty and allows kids to just be a kid for a least one moment in time. These trips are fast paced and full of non-stop action but make no mistake about it, the team and the children love these trips.

Specific Orphanage Related Trips

We can make arrangements for your group to work with one specific orphanage. For example you may want to work specifically with a Catholic orphanage, an Evangelical orphanage or a state run secular orphanage. We can also arrange specific activates within that trip such as arts and crafts or Vacation Bible School.

Christmas Wish Trips

As Christmas approaches, churches, businesses, and individuals receive Christmas Wish tags with children’s names and place the tags on a Christmas tree. Each January, Frontier Horizon travels to Ukraine with the money raised and purchases Christmas gifts for the children. You can travel with us to Ukraine or Nicaragua and participate in this exciting event.

Nicaragua Vacation Trips

This trip combines a vacation with investment opportunity. One of the best hopes for the growth of the Nicaraguan economy is tourism. This trip shows you the best of what Nicaragua has to offer: excellent hotels, beautiful pristine beaches, swimming, great surfing and incredible investment opportunities.

Awareness Development Trip

Often people ask us what we think is the best way to help. The need is great and there are many opportunities. This trip offers you the opportunity to come and get a complete overview of the needs. This way you can evaluate for yourself how you can best help. On this trip you will see a number of different orphanages, refugee camps, street children and get a historical perspective of the country. You will also get a clearer perspective of the country by seeing the extremely needy parts of the country and other areas of amazing economic growth.