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Mission Trips – Kyrgyzstan


This trip offers the opportunity to visit different orphanages in Kyrgyzstan and work with special projects that improve the children’s quality of life. Consider helping out with educational supplies, health clinic supplies, building improvements or choose a project of your own.  It also offers previous host families the opportunity to spend time with the children they hosted. Learn about Kyrgyzstan’s culture and gain an eye-opening experience into the struggles of orphans daily lives.


COST: $3500

Includes: Airfare, local transportation to orphanages, translator expenses and housing. Meals and optional activities with your child are separate


Dr. Vincent Rosini, President

FH is an awesome non-profit. I started going to Nicaragua through Dr Vincent Rosini when i was 14 years old, now i am 23. The main reason i went was because of my brother. He had a passion for the country after going with a guy named Travis down to Central America. Travis originally went to Central America because Dr. Vinny Rosini, who is the master mind behind Frontier Horizon and what it stands for. He has really created a ripple effect through various community groups, schools, and churches, and he is the primary reason that so many people have seen the depths of poverty in Central American areas. Once i got to college (at Auburn University), Vinny, my brother and I led a trip to Nicaragua every spring break, with our largest team consisting of 75 college students from SEC schools. FH allowed us to be independent and make many of the decisions regarding financial management, scheduling , and team dynamics. And at the same time, a group can go and choose to let Vinny make all the decisions, and it still runs so smoothly. I admire the heart and devotion behind FH, and the friendships that I have made though the people who work for FH.

College Student

Frontier Horizon is a great organization that introduced me to the Nicaragua trip. Vinny Rosini also lead my group and not only is he a great leader, he is an awesome man with a kind heart that everyone loves to be around! He loves to make people happy and I hope to be like him and do what he does one day. The Nicaragua trip was an awesome experience that changed my life and I will never forget it. It is hard for me to put into words how great it was because words do not do it justice. Going to OUTSTANDING resorts and hotels and playing with orphans is just the best way I could’ve picked to spend my spring break. It was such a rewarding experience seeing the kids so happy when we were giving them love and attention. I highly recommend FH for anyone who wants to go on a trip like this. I cannot wait to go back to Nicaragua with Vinny and others next year!

College Student

Frontier horizon is an incredible organization that has expanded my personal knowledge and awareness of third world countries. They do an excellent job of interacting college students with kids in the community and orphans in the community. The activities this organization does is rewarding because as a college student you are forming deep relationships with these individuals from a different background. I have been on this trip for two years in a row now and will continue to be a part of this incredible experience. Vinny and the staff do an incredible job of finding activities to do for the students and the kids and are very welcoming for first timers to the experience. FH does a great job of incorporating different areas of Nicaragua by traveling to many different areas. I am so grateful to have been able to have been able to go on this trip through this wonderful organization.

College Student

My daughter and I have gone on two Ukraine mission trips sponsored through Frontier Horizon. Both trips went exceedingly well, with every detail thought out. Frontier Horizon took care of all the flights, hotels, in-country transportation, schedules, etc. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. We learned so much about the country of Ukraine and the plight of the orphans there. It really changed our outlook on the world. We also hosted two Ukrainian boys during the summer of 2008 which also went very smoothly. We hope that we were able to give the boys a wider view of the world and a nice vacation and we KNOW that hosting them was one of the most rewarding things we have ever done.


Frontier Horizon’s volunteer programs in Nicaragua and the Ukraine radically impacted the way I view the world by allowing my family and I to serve in orphanages throughout these countries. The program exposed us to places of extreme poverty, like La Chureca, an enormous dump in Nicaragua where hundreds live in war zone-like conditions. Doctor Vincent Rosini’s programs gave me an opportunity to build relationships with children by giving them meaningful experiences outside of their normal routine.


My wife and I have been involved with FH for over 5 years. The group of people running this non profit are truly passionate about what they do. The mission of compassion is taught and executed. It’s truly an honor to work so closely with a company that is so amazing. We feel comfortable in calling Nicaragua our second home and the employees of Frontier Horizon our extended family.

Team Leader Michael Brown

I have been slow to write a review here because finding the right words to describe its contributions to me seems to be the bigger challenge. Just like many of the reviewers before me, I was first introduced to this organization through Vinny; I suppose at that time, I had no capacity to comprehend that Frontier Horizon was anything bigger than Vinny, but I was glad to learn that it is an organization full of many kindhearted people volunteering their time and resources to help us. As the time went on, multiple times during the year they would arrive to provide us with clothing, necessities, and a fun time. Later, with the help of just as kind families, Frontier Horizon began to take some kids to United States for a summer; I was lucky enough to have been chosen to go as one of the first groups. It was an experience unlike any I could have imagined, I fell in love with my host family, and they liked me enough to invite me back again for the winter holidays. The following Spring Frontier Horizon helped with the organization of adoption plans, and I was on my way to America for an adventure that would not have come along had it not been for Frontier Horizon. I am now a graduate of the University of Virginia, one of the nation’s top public universities; as I reflect on the last couple of years, I cannot help but be grateful for the opportunity that I have been given as a result of the boundless generosity of Frontier Horizon and the many people involved with it. Thank you,

Alexander Owens

I have served on 4 short term trips to Nicaragua with Frontier Horizon and have gotten to know Vinny Rosini very well over the years. Through his tireless work and determination to serve others he enabled our teams to reach out to the Nicaraguan community in ways no other organizations were daring enough to undertake. The real benefit of this organization is their long term commitment. Although i served on short term trips, we were just a small part in a much larger picture. Vinny continually works to maintain decade long relationships with people in the area. This is what makes Frontier Horizon effective in their work. Consistency is crucial in building the trust needed to allow people to accept life changing help. Vinny delivers year after year.