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Our hosting handbook addresses many specific issues in regards to hosting a child.

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Hosting Program FAQs

What is hosting?

Every year we bring orphans (social and biological) to the United States and Canada. Through our program, children are matched with host families and get to experience what life is like in a loving and caring home for a few weeks in the summer or over a holiday break. The host family commits to a child, sibling group or multiple children for the program. The children live in your home, share your life, enjoy day trips and shopping; they experience our food, language, and culture through you and your family. Many children have not experienced a loving home or caring family, their daily life is contained in the orphanage. Frontier Horizon primarily works with orphanages in Ukraine and Nicaragua.

Contact info:

Dr. Vincent Rosini, President 757-749-3921

Maggie Scobie, Hosting Program Coordinator 301-675-2970

Summer 2019 Hosting Program Dates:

Long Term June 15 – August 29 Cost: 3500

First Short Term June 15 – July 20 Cost: 2900

Second Short Term August 1-29 Cost: 2900




Can I adopt the child I host?



Many families are interested in adopting the children they host or meet through the Frontier Horizon Travel Program. There are a large number of children who are already adopted and living in the United States as a direct result of the program. You may want to experience having an older child in your house before you adopt, or you may simply want to give a child a vacation away from the orphanage for a few weeks. The advantage of the program is that it affords a number of life-changing opportunities for both your family and the child. Regardless of your reason to host, please be aware that Frontier Horizon is a humanitarian aid organization and not an adoption agency. The main goals of this program are ultimately to improve the health, education, and general welfare of orphan children in Ukraine. While we are excited about the potential of adoption for these children, Frontier Horizon is not an adoption agency. If you choose to adopt please be aware the process is handled separately from our organization, and we do not have any control or influence over the adoption process, nor do we have any affiliation with adoption agencies.

Are all the children that come on the program available for adoption?

This Frontier Horizon Program is primarily a Travel Program, therefore, we cannot and do not choose all adoptable children. Many children are available or are in the process of becoming available for adoption, but we cannot guarantee the availability of every child.

Can I host a child even if I do not want to adopt?

Yes, please do! We encourage and welcome individuals and families to host children even if they are not interested in adoption. Our primary goal of the travel program is to raise awareness of the children’s needs to foster the improvement of the health, education, and general welfare of all orphan children in Ukraine. Therefore, the travel program itself raises funds for that purpose. You help us achieve such goals by hosting a child.

Is it unfair to host a child that you are not going to adopt?

Absolutely not! Many of the children to travel to the United States through the Frontier Horizon Travel Program would never have the opportunity to visit America or stay with a family if people only interested in hosting did not participate in our program. Our program is a Travel Program, not an adoption program. Our goals are to raise awareness and to provide orphaned children with a cultural and educational experience in the United States. The Travel Program has a 50-60% adoption rate, so there are many children who participate in the program and are not adopted. We strive to help as many children as possible, and there are numerous ways in which Frontier Horizon tries to help the children. Donations for basic needs such as food, clothing, medicine, and education as well as short-term humanitarian aid trips and grants for self-sufficiency projects or building repair all help to meet such needs. This program is just one more resource to improve the lives of the children with whom we work. Often, families who do not adopt still take a vested interest in their hosted child’s future by funding that child’s basic needs and/or future education.

Can we buy the child gifts while he or she is in the US?

Oftentimes, the children come with just the clothes on their back and a small plastic bag of personal items. Any gift giving is optional, but our advice is to moderate your giving over the three weeks that the children are in the United States. Families often make the mistake of giving their child anything they want during the first week of their stay, and this leads the child to believe you have an endless source of income in addition to creating a spoiled and confused child for the remainder of the child’s stay.

What are the ages of the children traveling?

The ages of the children traveling to the United States are between the ages of 6 and 17.

Who decides which children come to visit the United States?

Frontier Horizon staff in the United States and Ukraine work closely with the orphanage Directors and orphanage staff to select children who have good behavior, positive attitudes, and good grades in school. Children are selected with the intention of the Travel Program and trip to the United States as a reward for them. Despite our process, children do end up traveling to the United States who have behavioral and emotional issues. Please be aware of this when hosting.

Can the child stay longer than the prescribed time of the program?

NO! This is a strict rule that we cannot change. It is the requirement of the Ukrainian government and the US Embassy that the children return to Ukraine at the prescribed time. Any violation of this rule is breaking the law and it endangers the future of the whole program as well as the future of the child you are hosting. If necessary, legal action will be taken.

Is it possible to obtain a student visa for the child I host?

Some families who do not want to adopt want to bring their child to the United States to go to school or college. This option is possible, but extremely difficult. As with adoptions, this process must be handled apart from Frontier Horizon. You may contact a local lawyer in your city that specializes in student visas. You may also refer the lawyer to Frontier Horizon if he has questions you cannot answer.

Do you send children to any state in the US?

We will send children to any state within the United States. We request that interested families try to bring at least five children to each host city but there is no requirement to do so. We do suggest interested families try to find a few more local families to host children since the interaction among the children is usually very beneficial to the hosting experience. The children arrive on an international flight into JFK, New York. All families must pay the domestic airfare from JFK, New York to their local airport. The children must travel with the host family or an orphanage guardian. Please contact us for further details.

Can I keep in contact and/or financially support the child I hosted if they remain in Ukraine?

Many host families want to keep in contact with the children they host in order to help them with basic needs and/or their education. This is one of the main goals of the program and it is strongly encouraged. You may keep in contact with the child you hosted through e-mail, and you may send money and/or packages to the child as often as you please. You will receive the e-mail of a translator, upon request, who will translate letters and ensure that your gifts get to your child for a nominal, monthly fee.

Can I visit the child I hosted in Ukraine?

Yes! Frontier Horizon runs three or four short-term service trips each year that you may join. The children absolutely love having their host families visit them in Ukraine, and actually seeing the orphanages and the children in their homes proves to be a life-changing experience for our teams. Please contact us if you are interested in traveling on a team or if you would like to organize a team to travel to Ukraine through Frontier Horizon.

I am a single woman, can I host a child?

As long as all of the application materials are included, single women can host children as well. We do not restrict our hosts to married couples or families.

Are the children insured during their stay in America?

All of the children who travel to the United States are insured through HCC Medical (please visit for policy information). This insurance is for emergency purposes only. If you have an emergency, immediately contact Frontier Horizon staff. You can look up doctors and hospitals that participate in the PPO online at Please note this insurance is for medical emergencies only and cannot be used for general care clinics, hospital visits or physician appointments. Families may choose to take their children for a check-up at their own expense; often a doctor or dentist will do the work free or give a discount if they know the children are international orphans.

Can my hosted child travel with me?

Frontier Horizon, through our insurance policy noted above has all children insured throughout the United States. Travel Program children may not leave the United States.

Can my hosted child attend a sleep-over?

It is the responsibility of host families to serve as the guardians of Frontier Horizon Travel Program children at all times. Please contact us for more information on our policy regarding this.

Can I travel outside of the United States with my hosted child?

No, host families are not permitted to take their hosted children outside of the United States. Neither the children’s visas nor their insurance will allow the children to leave the United States.

Can we contact families who have hosted in the past for program references and advice on adoption?

Yes! We encourage you to contact families who have had experience hosting in the past. The following families are willing and interested to share their experiences:

Kylee Stef NV

Mark Van Slyke IL

Cindy Galiani

Inna Stytsenko iistytsenko@gmail

Susan Shukstor IL

Jenna Seward

Dawn Scheidemandel AZ

Brenda Heine FL

Our Hosting Program Coordinator has hosted several times and adopted:

Maggie Scobie 40977 Redwing Song Ln. Lovettsville, VA  20180 301-675-2970

Mission Trips

Host Family Trips

This trip allows families who have hosted a child in the US the opportunity to see where their child comes from. Our hosting program enables orphan and poor children to come over to the US for three-four weeks twice a year. Besides the opportunity to continue a personal relationship with the child these trips offer an eye opening experience into the struggles into the daily lives of orphan children in foreign countries.

College/High School Trips

These trips combine a spring break atmosphere with humanitarian aid. We go to the beach, amusement park, movies, carnival and other fun activates with the orphan children. The trip takes away the sheer boredom that is often associated with destitute poverty and allows kids to just be a kid for a least one moment in time. These trips are fast paced and full of non-stop action but make no mistake about it, the team and the children love these trips.

Specific Orphanage Related Trips

We can make arrangements for your group to work with one specific orphanage. For example you may want to work specifically with a Catholic orphanage, an Evangelical orphanage or a state run secular orphanage. We can also arrange specific activates within that trip such as arts and crafts or Vacation Bible School.

Christmas Wish Trips

As Christmas approaches, churches, businesses, and individuals receive Christmas Wish tags with children’s names and place the tags on a Christmas tree. Each January, Frontier Horizon travels to Ukraine with the money raised and purchases Christmas gifts for the children. You can travel with us to Ukraine or Nicaragua and participate in this exciting event.

Nicaragua Vacation Trips

This trip combines a vacation with investment opportunity. One of the best hopes for the growth of the Nicaraguan economy is tourism. This trip shows you the best of what Nicaragua has to offer: excellent hotels, beautiful pristine beaches, swimming, great surfing and incredible investment opportunities.

Awareness Development Trip

Often people ask us what we think is the best way to help. The need is great and there are many opportunities. This trip offers you the opportunity to come and get a complete overview of the needs. This way you can evaluate for yourself how you can best help. On this trip you will see a number of different orphanages, refugee camps, street children and get a historical perspective of the country. You will also get a clearer perspective of the country by seeing the extremely needy parts of the country and other areas of amazing economic growth.