Hosting Testimonials


My husband and I are very grateful to Frontier Horizon for giving us the opportunity to host such a wonderful little girl from the Ukraine. Although we were initially apprehensive since we have never done anything like this before, the experience exceeded all of our expectations. Our little girl was so happy to have the opportunity to visit different places, eat interesting foods and take in the culture with us and our two older children. I know she enjoyed her time being here. What we gained from her being with us however, is beyond description. We are so happy that we participated in this beautiful and truly one-of-a-kind, rewarding experience. We cannot wait to host her again.

Gina P.


Overall, we had a fantastic experience hosting! It was a wonderful opportunity to share the love of a family with a child who might not otherwise know it. We got to meet a delightful little girl who quickly won our hearts with her sweet smile and joyful heart. Our host child blossomed in the weeks she spent with us, and we were all agreed at the end to make her and her sister a part of our family! We are now actively pursuing adoption. We feel so blessed to have been a part of Frontier Horizon's hosting program!

Marcia & James S.

Hosting Madina was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We thought we would be changing her life, and maybe we did--but she unexpectedly changed ours. The joy and fulfillment between our family and Madina is unparalleled! This is an adventure worth taking. If you are on the fence like we were....just do it. To see these sweet kids experience our lives is uncomparable to anything else!

Megan & Anthony L.


Hosting is something we had wanted to do for years and years. We always talked about it as a family but then let our own personal busy schedules take over and we always pushed it off. This summer we carved out the time and decided to host a little girl from Nicaragua. It was the best decision we made as a family in a long time! This little girl stepped into our home and was the bravest, cutest, spitfire we could have ever imagined! She immediately took to her surroundings and was always up for trying new things. Her favorite activities were swimming, fishing and watching a 4th of July parade. Before she arrived, we made a bucket list of all the places we were going to take her once she arrived in the States and we never ended up going to any of them! She loved staying put and really enjoyed experiencing the little things that we may take for granted. Hosting brought our family closer, a difficult feat when you have older teenagers in the house! We look forward to hosting our little Nicaraguan princess again soon and can’t imagine not knowing her and caring for her. If you are considering hosting, jump in and do it…you won’t regret it!

Kathy D.