Home Safety Visit

Frontier Horizon

Home Safety Visit” Information Guidelines

All new prospective host families must complete a home safety visit. These visits must be completed by a qualified licensed (LCSW or regionally equivalent) social worker. Should a family already have a current study in place that meets all requirements, said study can be utilized.  A list of qualified service providers will be provided to prospective host families by Frontier Horizon upon request.  In the “Home Safety Visit Report,” we ask LCSWs to meet with the host parents and their children, conduct the interview and review the Host Family’s home.  The LCSWs then present a report and recommendation to Frontier Horizon detailing their experience and recommendations.  Guidelines for what needs to be addressed as a part of this report are noted below.  Please contact Frontier Horizon if you have further questions about this process. NOTE: Those hosting with Colombia have additional specific requirements regarding the home safety visit. For those hosting with our Colombian program please download the Colombia specific safety visit guidelines below.

Guidelines for the Home Safety Visit Report:  The LCSW should address the following issues and questions during the Home Safety Visit Report:

  1. Please interview all family members regarding their interests and hobbies as individuals and as a family.  Please discuss the type of profession and the individual work schedules with the adults.
  2. Please ask Potential Host Families how they heard about the Frontier Horizon Hosting Program, and ask them why they are interested in the program.
  3. Please ask:  What do you, as a family, expect of the hosting experience?  What are your expectations of your hosted child?  Why are you interested in hosting a Colombian, Ukrainian or Nicaraguan child?
  4. Please ask if the family is aware of some of the behaviors that can be associated with children who have experienced trauma, lived in orphanages or foster care. (Abuse, neglect, abandonment, emotional or developmental delays, bed-wetting, etc.)
  5. Please ask:  Have you participated in any other adoption or foster programs?  Have you read any materials about adoption or foster care children?  Please explain.
  6. Please ask:  What are your experiences with children?   Are there children currently living in the household? Do you have adopted children?  How do current children feel about the Frontier Horizon Hosting Program?
  7. Please discuss methods of discipline used in the home, and please explain that corporal punishment is not permitted with their hosted child.
  8. Please ask:  What types of support systems does the family have?  (Extended family members, friends, church groups, etc.)
  9. In terms of the physical home . . . Where will the hosted child/children sleep?  Will hosted children share a bathroom with other family members?  Are dangerous objects and medications safely stored out of reach?  Are there pets, and are there rules regarding the pets?  Is the home sanitary and appropriately cleaned?  Are there any safety concerns that need to be addressed? 
  10. Are there any unresolved loss issues that may complicate a family hosting a child?  (i.e.: recent death of a child, etc.)
  11. Are there any “red flags” or concerns that you have about the family’s participation as host parents for the Frontier Horizon Hosting Program?  Are there any issues of which our staff should be aware?

Note:  Frontier Horizon recommends that each question is answered during the interview and then discussed in the LCSW’s write-up/report.  Please include your recommendation and professional opinion, as based on your interview with the Host Family. Please print the Home Safety Visit Report on letterhead and mail it directly to:  Frontier Horizon, P.O. Box 4429, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454.