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  • A Letter From The Founder

    Dear Prospective Host Families:

    Thank you for your interest in opening your heart and home to the children we love and serve each day. We are very excited about your potential involvement in the Frontier Horizon Hosting Program!

    This handbook was designed to help host families become better acquainted with the Frontier Horizon Hosting Program. The contents of his helpful tool is intended to serve as a guide for you and your family as you seek to better understand what is involved in hosting an international orphan with Frontier Horizon. Please read through this handbook in its entirety, noting any questions that arise along the way.

    If you have questions after reading through the handbook and FAQ page of the Frontier Horizon website or should you wish to take next steps in preparing for hosting, please feel free to schedule an appointment with the helpful staff of Frontier Horizon. Appointments can be easily scheduled by clicking on the “Schedule A Call” button found on every page of the Frontier Horizon website.

    Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully engage this essential resource. We hope that you find it useful and informative! The minutes you spend informing yourself about the nature of international child hosting with Frontier Horizon may be the beginning of a world of opportunity for a vulnerable child. We are grateful for your engagement and we are eager to serve you in any way we can.


    Vincent T. Rosini, Founder & President

  • Hosting Program Handbook Introduction

    The Heart and History of Frontier Horizon

    Eugene Rosini grew up in Brooklyn and remained in his beloved community for all his days. He married his high school sweetheart, June in 1954 and soon thereafter added two children, Vincent, and Joanne to their clan. They were a traditional Italian family that valued hard work, good food, enthusiastic debate, and family. At the age of 25, Eugene joined the NYPD and spent his entire professional life serving his community in this capacity. Vincent, who would go on to secure his PhD, and found Frontier Horizon in 2000, recalls his childhood with great fondness and a bit of hilarity. “I love you” may have never been uttered in his family home, but its qualities were demonstrated in a thousand ways throughout Vincent’s formative years. Dr. Rosini loves to tell the story of the day he said to his father, “Dad, you have never told me that you love me, but I know that you love me so much that you would take a bullet for me.” With a bit of a chuckle Dr. Rosini continues, “my dad looked at me and said, you’re a smart kid, and walked away.” Dr. Rosini, affectionately known by his friends as Vinny, never drifted far from the axiom embodied by his father, that actions speak louder than words.

    As a typical young adult in the late 60’s and early 70’s Vinny was not immune from the many indulgences of the era. Eager to make new friends, see the world, and serve his country, he enlisted in the Marines. He served honorably until his discharge in 1977. Vinny’s life was deeply impacted by the people and experiences he had while serving as a Marine. It was during this time that his faith became his own and began to compel him to live his life for something more than his own personal gain. In 1991 he would go on a mission trip to Nicaragua that would shape his life and work in profound ways. What he witnessed among the impoverished people he visited was hard to imagine and impossible to forget. Many more trips would follow, and a lifetime of service would be focused on elevating the plight of the poor among those in a position to help.

    An excerpt from a recent interview captures Dr. Rosini’s compulsion to serve. “In spite of the amount of time spent there, I still cannot get used to the level of poverty in which these children live. Malnutrition, rats nibbling at their feet while they sleep, filthy, unsanitary bathrooms, and a life of sheer boredom without finances to incorporate social activities – these are all unfortunate realities of the kids’ lives today.  I think of children in America with healthy lives and loving families and the constant reality that children down there have neither.  Yet, for me, these kids are not statistics. When I look into the eyes of ten-year-old Rebecca and she looks back at me with her bright beautiful smile, I am convinced I could not love her anymore if she was my own child. I often think of eleven-year-old Andre in Ukraine whose mother committed suicide and father abandoned him in the orphanage and wish there was a way to take away his pain and loneliness… I am often overwhelmed with the inability to meet so much need, like my work was only applying a ‘Band-Aid to a bullet hole’. I’ve got my finger in the dike of a world of suffering and dying and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m often overwhelmed by the needs of these children, but I’ve got to do something. Frontier Horizon was created with this goal in mind. Alleviating some of this suffering is the hope and the dream behind Frontier Horizon”.

    Frontier Horizon (FH) is a faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that exists to bridge the gap between vulnerable children and those in a position to help. Frontier Horizon is convinced that compassionate action changes lives. It is also convinced that those who experience the beauty and suffering of the poor firsthand, will be compelled to help. Presently FH serves children living in Ukraine, Nicaragua, and Colombia. After many years of taking teams abroad to experience the desperate need that exists in so many regions of the world, the idea of international child hosting began to develop. In the year 2000 Frontier Horizon was officially launched. Since those early days thousands of children and families have been served. Hundreds of children engage the international child hosting programs each year. Hundreds more are served in country through a myriad of humanitarian and development programs.

    Why a Hosting Program? 

    Frontier Horizon is forever seeking new ways to connect vulnerable children with those in a position to help. It is a relatively small segment of the population that can take a couple of weeks off to travel to a foreign land and serve children in need. Thus, FH sought to find a way to bring the world to them. The international hosting program of Frontier Horizon was simply one more way to expose the world to the need, beauty and possibility of the worlds children. Orphan hosting provides a brief snap shot in time that is seeded with a world of opportunities that bear fruit for a lifetime.

    The weeks children and their host families spend together are profound and deeply transformative. What results from these formative experience is as unique as the children and families that engage them. Many host families go on to pursue the adoptions of the children they host. Many others form surrogate families of sorts that establish deep and empowering relationships that carry children into adulthood. For nearly every family, hosting is the beginning of their compassionate journey not the end. At Frontier Horizon we bring orphans home, the steps that follow are yours to determine.

    Frontier Horizon is an international child hosting agency. Frontier Horizon is NOT an adoption agency. Hosting a child with Frontier Horizon does NOT provide any guarantee of adoption. While Frontier Horizon is NOT an adoption agency, many families do decide to adopt the children they host. While this is a wonderful benefit to our program, adoption is not the priority of our work. Frontier Horizon is not directly involved in any subsequent adoption proceedings. Should you choose to pursue adoption at the close of hosting you will be directed to connect with the appropriate agencies to navigate the adoption process.

    What is a Hosting Program? 

    International child hosting with Frontier Horizon can be simply understood as a means to create a visceral connection between vulnerable children and those with a sincere desire to help. The hosting program occurs twice each year—once in the summer and once in the winter. Program duration varies by country and season but typically ranges from 4 to 9 weeks in the summer and approximately 4 weeks in the winter. The summer programs generally take place between late June through the end of August. Winter programs are typically executed from mid-December to mid-January. Specifics dates for each program are established each year and will be clearly communicated once established.

    The process is straight forward and is clearly delineated in the Hosting Steps List document that can be access on the “Resources” page on the Frontier Horizon website.  Having completed all the necessary steps to qualify for hosting the child/children, the children are then hosted in your home for the duration of the program. Families need not construct extravagant experience for the children being hosted, rather simply be yourself, do what you do and share it with them. If you go to the lake for a week in the summer, then they get to experience that with you. If you like sports, they get to engage them with you. If movie nights and BBQ is your thing, great, they will love it. The goal is simply to create a safe and loving environment where trust can grow, and relationship thrive.

    At the close of the hosting session all kids are returned to the international airport for the journey back home. However, this in no way needs to be the end of the relationship and most often is not. As previously mentioned, the creative ways in which families go on to love and support their hosted children are as unique as the kids and families that engage the experience.

    Frontier Horizon has been facilitating the hosting of international orphans for decades and we are delighted to serve you in any way we can. The journey will not be easy, but it will be worth every challenge you might face. We are here to serve as your guide and will support you in the journey in any way we can. Thank you for your consideration of partnering with Frontier Horizon, we are grateful!

  • Financial Requirements and Passport Protocol

    Hosting Cost 

    Frontier Horizon’s Hosting Program costs vary by program and range between $2,795 and $3,500 per child plus a $150 Application Fee. There are discounts available for families hosting more than one child. Additional ancilary expenses will be incurred and are delineated below. Please contact us for details

    Payments Due: 

    • The $150 Application Fee is due with your application.
    • The Hosting Program Fee is due by April 15th (Summer Program) or October 15th (Winter Program).

    What does the hosting fee cover? 

    The Frontier Horizon Hosting Program Fee underwrites the many expenses associated with facilitating international child hosting. These expenses include but are not limited to the cost of passports, emergency medical insurance, visas, in country transportation, airfare, chaperone / translator remuneration and a donation to your hosted child’s orphanage.

    Additional expenses NOT covered by hosting fee. 

    • Frontier Horizon registration fee. ($150)
    • Short Home Study Fee. (These vary by region and are completely unassociated with FH)
    • National background check. (Nominal fee)
    • Domestic travel expenses related to picking up and returning your host child to and from the international airport from which they arrive and depart.
      • These international hubs are established each year in accordance to the number of kids hosted and the predominance of where most of the children are being hosted.
    • Medical insurance deductible should a claim be filed. (This can be as low as zero and never higher than a few hundred dollars.)
    • Any cost related to providing basic care for your host child while in your home.

    Submitting Program Related Funds

    • All funds submitted to Frontier Horizon are tax deductible philanthropic gifts.
    • All funds submitted to Frontier Horizon are non-refundable.
    • All funds submitted to Frontier Horizon must be done via our secure electronic payment gateway.
    • Funds submitted for the hosting program should be allocated to “Pay Hosting Fees” via the dropdown menu on the Frontier Horizon website Donate page.

    What happens to my non-refundable program payments should plans to execute hosting fail?

    It is rare but certainly there are times when plans for hosting children fails to materialize for various reasons. In this situations Frontier Horizon is not permitted to offer refunds. However, Frontier Horizon has no interest in retaining the generosity of partners and not delivering the experience they wish to have. Thus the following options are available. If your child is not able to come for hosting as planned:

    • Funds can be transferred to another child in the program
    • Funds can be transferred to another program / country
    • Funds can be deferred to another session. (Example: If summer hosting is not able to be executed funds can be moved to the following winter session.)
    • Funds can be released as a philanthropic gift in support of the kids of FH
    • Refunds are not an option. 

    Can I fundraise to off-set my costs? 

    Yes. If families are interested in hosting and do not feel that they can afford the hosting program fee, we encourage families to seek donations for hosting from friends, families, churches, or businesses. However, Frontier Horizon cannot administrate ones crowdfunding efforts. Thus, such families are encouraged to leverage sites such as GoFundMe that are particularly well positioned to facilitate such efforts. Once the funding campaign is complete the host family can submit all funds raised in one transaction via the Frontier Horizon payment gateway. All such payments should be allocated to “Pay Hosting Fees,” and are subject to program deadlines such as all other program payments.

    Passport Policy 

    Frontier Horizon will not hand the children’s passports over to host families, because the children do not need passports for domestic travel. If you feel that you need some type of identification beyond the insurance document, Frontier Horizon will provide a photocopy of the first page of the child’s passport and email it to you. Please contact Frontier Horizon staff to request this.

  • Host Family Responsibilities

    All host families (and not Frontier Horizon) are responsible for the following:

    • Providing hosted children with all meals.
    • Ensure hosted children are properly clothed and cared for.
      • Note: please see the “How to Prepare for your Hosted Child” section for more information.
    • Paying for any activities in which you choose to participate
    • Paying all direct and indirect fees related to international child hosting with Frontier Horizon.
    • Arranging and paying for all plans related to retrieving and returning your host child to and from the international airports from which they arrive and depart the US / Canada.
    • The cost of a Full Home Study or a “Short Visit Report,” which must include Criminal Background Checks and Sex Offender Checks
      • Note: Please see “Background check information”
    • If your hosted child is late to be dropped off at the airport for their return flight, the Host Family will be responsible for covering all incurred costs. The costs may include, but are not limited to, the change-of-ticket fee for the child and an orphanage guardian/translator, purchasing a new airline ticket (if necessary), and for paying for the hotel fees for children and guardian/translator prior to their departure;
    • If your hosted child has an accident or emergency medical situation, the Host Family is responsible for presenting all information to Frontier Horizon to process the claim with the medical insurance. If this is not done, then the Host Family will be fully responsible for all medical bills. (Note: Please visit for more information on the policy and to look up doctors and hospitals that participate in the PPO for the Hosting Program.”)
      • Please note: this insurance is for medical emergencies only and cannot be used for general care clinics, hospital visits or physician appointments. Families may choose to take their children for a check- up at their own expense; often a doctor or dentist will do the work free or give a discount if they know the children are international orphans.
  • Essential Information For Potential Host Families

    Please read this page very carefully—it is the responsibility of the Host Family to understand the following information.

    Committing to host a specific child

    Once you commit to hosting a child there is no guarantee that the child you chose will be able to travel. It is rare, but it does happen from time to time that a child chosen by a family has become sick or injured and has not been able to travel. There have also been cases when international government officials have changed their mind and refused to allow children from their specific region to travel. There are a host of other reasons that may be presented for restricting the travel of prospective host children. While these situations do not occur often, they are possible and thus in an abundance of caution we want to make you aware of this possibility. Host families should be aware that such situations are out of the control of Frontier Horizon. Our staff will do everything we can to rectify the situation and clear the way for hosting to move forward. Should we be unsuccessful in our efforts to secure initial plans, alternative options will be presented for host families to consider.

    Unexpected Life Event

    Should a family experience an unfortunate life emergency that prevents them from fulfilling its hosting commitment Frontier Horizon will work with the family to secure alternative plans when possible. However, all fees related to said disrupted hosting session will be leveraged to execute hosting with a backup family. Thus no refunds or reallocation of funds will be provided to the original hosting family.

    Frontier Horizon is NOT an adoption agency

    Many families that host children with Frontier Horizon are inclined toward adoption. Though Frontier Horizon’s hosting program was not initially conceived as a pathway to adoption it has become that for many. However, hosting with Frontier Horizon in no way guarantees that you will be able to adopt the child you host. Should you pursue adoption with one of our hosted children, Frontier Horizon plays no role in the adoption process. Though the Frontier Horizon staff works hard to present correct, relevant, and helpful information concerning the children’s profiles and availability for adoption, we are not providers of officially verified legal information. What we share is informed by the international child welfare staff with whom we partner. This information is not always entirely accurate. If you hope to adopt after hosting, we recommend you research the adoption process, contact an adoption agency directly, and contact the appropriate international adoption facilitator regarding child data and next steps.
    Again: Frontier Horizon is NOT an adoption agency, and Frontier Horizon does not facilitate adoptions.

  • Timeframe and Logistics

    The Frontier Horizon Hosting Program occurs twice each year—once in the summer and once in the winter. The summer programs vary in length and range from 4 to 9 weeks.  The winter holiday program runs from mid-December to mid-January and is approximately four weeks in length. Specific dates are established each year in partnership with the countries with which we work and are influenced by air travel economics. Specific program dates and travel logistics details will be provided to all prospective host families as soon as they are available.

    The logistics of executing international orphan hosting is complex and very time intensive. Frontier Horizon is dependent upon may international agencies to execute much of the paperwork involved with bringing a host child to the US or Canada. These international systems are not always consistent in their process and can at times be difficult to navigate. Much of this is beyond our ability to control. For example: Because the children who travel from Ukraine are all orphans, their paperwork must be processed through the Ukrainian government on the local and national levels before it can be presented to the United States Embassy. As a result, Frontier Horizon will not be able to provide you with exact travel dates very far in advance. Because we are dependent upon the Ukrainian government, the United States Embassy as well as the availability of the airlines, we do ask for your patience, understanding, and flexibility as we organize the exact dates of each program. Please rest assured that we will provide you with accurate and up-to-date information about the program dates and times as soon as they are available. Though we are sensitive to the dynamics of every families calendar we are not able to accommodate specific requests regarding the scheduling of hosting travel and sessions. Hosting dates are set as a unit and special provisions are not able to be accommodated.

    Note: We ask all host families to seriously consider their personal and work commitments prior to committing to hosting children. The value of the hosting program is the time spent with the children. It is the responsibility of all host families to recognize the time frame of the Hosting Program and to reorder their schedules as appropriate to ensure a great experience for the children. Frontier Horizon does not permit babysitters or child care programs for Hosting Program children that have not been approved. All care givers other than host families must be screened and approved by Frontier Horizon staff. Please contact us if you need more information about this.

  • Regulations And Policies

    Frontier Horizon must have received the following from all Hosting Families before the start of the host program.

    • Preliminary Application with $150 Application Fee.
    • Full Hosting Program Application.
    • Hosting Program Fee.
    • Verification of domestic travel plans for the host child and host parent to and from international flight hub and the host family home.
    • Signed Host Family Agreement Form.
    • Signed Background History Affidavit.
    • Completed National Sex Offender Check for all persons 18 and over in your home.
    • Completed Criminal Background Check for all persons 18 and over in your home.
    All New Frontier Horizon Host Families must additionally submit:
    • Full Home Study OR Short Visit Report.
    • Authorization of Release and Exchange of Information (when required by host country).
    • Copy of agency or LCSW license with Home Study/Short Visit Report

    Regulations and Crucial Information: 

    • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU PERMITTED TO KEEP YOUR HOSTED CHILD PAST THE END DATE OF THE HOSTING PROGRAM. Frontier Horizon CANNOT allow families to host or keep children past our hosting program dates. Doing so is ILLEGAL and could jeopardize our good standing with the international governments, the United States Embassy, and the orphanage staff with whom we work. Your child must be at the airport at the designated departure time and date or legal action will be taken.
    • Hosting children: Families are not permitted to host more than four (4) children in their home per program. Please contact Frontier Horizon staff if you have questions about this.
    • Guardians: International child welfare systems require guardians, and translators to accompany children traveling internationally. We are always looking for guardian housing. Please let us know if you are willing to host a guardian or translator.
    • Arrival and Departure: Host Families are responsible for picking up and dropping off their hosted children at the designated airport on time. If your hosted child is late to be dropped off at the airport for their return flight, the Host Family will be responsible for covering all incurred costs. The costs may include but are not limited to the change-of-ticket fee for the child[ren] and guardian, purchasing  new airline ticket[s], and any necessary hotel fees for child[ren] and guardian.
    • Flights: Children will fly into designated international flight hubs in the US and Canada. These hubs are determined each year by the volume of children hosted and the predominance of where they are being hosted. Frontier Horizon must work in conjunction with the international governments as well as the U.S. Embassy and various international and U.S. airlines prior to purchasing the airline tickets. Therefore, Frontier Horizon cannot guarantee that your hosted child will fly into an airport near your house. When you agree to host a child, you are agreeing to take responsibility for their arrival and departure—regardless of whether they will fly into an airport nearest you.
    • Host Families / Children Connecting Travel: Host families are financially responsible for connecting flights and/or other forms of transportation needed for retrieving and returning children to the international flight hubs from which they arrive and return home. While Frontier Horizon’s hosting fee covers international travel, any travel after the arrival at the designated international flight hub is the responsibility of the hosts.
    • Responsibility: It is the responsibility of host families to serve as the guardians of the children at all times. Hosted children may not spend the night at other people’s homes without their approved hosts or guardians. Frontier Horizon must abide by strict rules that prohibit anyone from hosting or watching the children who have not been approved through our program. If you have a friend or family member who you would like to have approved to help you host your child, please contact Frontier Horizon staff.
    • Insurance: Frontier Horizon insures all Hosting Program children, guardians, and translators.
      • Disclaimer: Please note this insurance is for medical emergencies only and cannot be used for general care clinics, hospital visits or physicals. Families may choose to take their children for a check-up at their own expense; many doctors or dentists are aware of our program and offer discounts and deals or will otherwise consider serving hosted children without charge.
    • Punishment: Corporal punishment is forbidden in all circumstances. If families are discovered using corporal punishment, their hosted child will be removed from the home.
  • Child and Family Matching Process

    Child and Family Matching Considerations

    Facilitating a “match” for a prospective host child and hosting family that ensures the best
    outcomes for all involved is a complex process. The history, needs, restrictions and preferences
    of both the hosting family and the perspective host child is carefully considered by all involved
    in the matching process. The primary contributors to this process are the host family, the child
    in consideration and the data that they provide. Frontier Horizon takes no position on the data
    provided, but rather simply include it in the process of matching in accordance with the stated
    requests of the parties involved and the policies and procedures of the government agencies
    with which we partner. These restrictions, needs and preferences may include but are not
    limited to the following:
    – Trauma history
    – Age
    – Single children or sibling set preference and/or tolerance
    – Physical or developmental delays
    – Family constitution – single, married, number of children, etc.
    – Sexual identity and/or orientation
    – Bilingual competency
    – Pets in the home
    – Race & ethnicity
    – Rural or urban residency

    The final decision regarding matching is not a value judgement on the host family or the child.
    Every child deserves a home, and every compassionate heart is to be commended for their
    consideration of opening their home to a needy child. We understand the sensitivity of these
    considerations and do our best to handle them with wisdom and care.

  • More Information On Hosting And Adoption

    Frontier Horizon seeks to provide prospective host families with as much relevant data on the children they seek to host. However, for legal reasons, Frontier Horizon is not authorized to provide personal, medical, or family history information regarding hosted children. We will do our best to provide general information to prepare for hosting and to provide families who are interested in adoption with information regarding the child[ren]’s availability for adoption. We cannot provide you with any medical, psychological, or personal information about your hosted child[ren]. Any information provided by Frontier Horizon is unofficial information. Should you pursue adoption, we encourage you to seek official information individually and independently through your adoption facilitator and related international agencies that facilitate these proceedings in each country within which we serve.

    Frontier Horizon cannot guarantee that a child’s records are accurate, up-to-date, or that new or different information will not come to the fore at anytime in the process of hosting. Child records are created and managed by the agencies of each international government with which we work. Frontier Horizon seeks to ensure that said records are accurate but we unfortunately cannot guarantee that they are and have no ability to control the integrity of said international systems. We cannot guarantee the availability of children for adoption. Frontier Horizon’s Hosting Program is not an adoption program. Our work is not exclusively with available and adoptable children.

    Hosted children come from various international child welfare systems such as orphanages and guardian care. It is essential for host families to understand the disparity between the reality of a healthy western nuclear family and the lifestyle of those living within the challenges of such institutionalized care. While behavior is individual, and Frontier Horizon cannot tell you exactly what to expect from the child you will host, there are a few things that can be generally expected of international orphans and displaced children.

    • The children served by Frontier Horizon are placed in institutionalized care for many of the same reasons that children are placed in foster care within the United States and Canada. These reasons may include but not be limited to neglect, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, substance usage and abuse, incarcerated parents, or death of parents or guardians. In addition, many children are placed in institutionalized care because their parents have abandoned them or because their parents (or guardians—grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc.) cannot financially afford to care for them. Poverty plays a significant role in many of these situations.
    • Many children do not have any relatives other than siblings, and many children have lived the entirety of their lives in the care of governmental child welfare systems. Some of these children were submitted to the system as infants and have moved from one orphanage to another throughout their lives. Challenges with regard to attachment are common.
    • Some children who live in orphanages do have a family member who have remote contact with them. Usually this is a parent, an aunt or uncle, older sibling, or grandparent who make contact from a distance. Depending on the situation, the children may visit with their relatives while living at the orphanages. It is important to know that some of the children with living adult relatives are not available for adoption, but host parents are welcome to inquire about availability.
    • Life in institutionalized care is dramatically different from the “typical” American lifestyle. Many of the orphanages we work with have hundreds of children under their care. As a result, the children who live in these orphanages do not have people actively attending to their development such as many children experience in a healthy family system. Therefore, many of the children show signs of neglect and attachment disorder due to their life experience. Hosted children may have difficulty giving and receiving love.
    • Common problems reported by host families include general disobedience, lack of interest in activities, withdrawn personality, anger issues and argumentative behavior, stealing, and other bad habits or coping skills. Orphaned children often lack social and hygiene skills due to a lack of direct personal instruction.
    • While these issues are not a problem for every child, it is important for all host families to recognize the impoverished and under-educated background that orphaned children are raised in for the entirety of their lives. Do not expect the child[ren] to behave properly immediately upon instruction. Learning opportunities that healthy teens and adults will immediately understand are usually not quickly absorbed by these children. They are wounded children with little-to-no comprehension of a healthy family unit.

    Frontier Horizon is not an adoption agency. Expectations are a powerful dynamic and carefully managed by Frontier Horizon. In an effort to protect children and families, Frontier Horizon staff specifically tells hosted children that they are NOT traveling to the United States to be adopted. While we do our best to prepare the children for their trip to be only an educational and cultural experience, it is nearly impossible to keep them from getting their hopes up. Host families are STRONGLY encouraged to refrain from using adoption related language even if they are intent upon pursuing such pathways. We understand and appreciate the delicate and difficult nature of navigating such situations. Should host families need help communicating accurate expectations with the child[ren] while they are in your care we are well versed in supporting you in these endeavors.

    Adoption of hosted children is a wonderful pathway that many host families choose to pursue. Many hosted children are subsequently pursued for adoption. However, again, we discourage families from openly discussing adoption with hosted child[ren]. DO NOT make any promises to your hosted child[ren]. There is no such thing as a quick and/or easy adoption. The adoption process is a lengthy, and arduous process that is filled with uncertainty. Communicating love, care, and commitment is an important part of the hosting journey. Communicating care must be done in ways that do not lead children, well acquainted with disappointment, to one more blow to the fragility of their hope for a fruitful future. Please be respectful and mindful of this as you contemplate and speak of any future plans.

    Availability: Frontier Horizon feels that it is important for all host families to know that there are a myriad of factors that impact the availability of hosted children for adoption. Each family, child, country and process is unique. The experience of one family may be radically different from that of another. A few factors regarding these issues are noted below.


    1. Available Now: The child is currently registered in the National Adoption Center and is immediately available for adoption.
    2. Available in the Future: The child’s paperwork is in the process of becoming available. In Ukraine, every child must be on the “registry” for 14 months and available for domestic adoption within Ukraine before becoming available for International adoption. Frontier Horizon staff is available to discuss with you the status of any specific child.
    3. Possibly Available: The child’s status is unknown at the moment. It could be that their legal guardian has never been asked whether that child may be put up for adoption, the legal guardian cannot be located, or the guardian is incarcerated. Oftentimes, the child[ren] in this circumstance can be made available for adoption once their guardian is located and is able to meet with the orphanage director or local social worker.
    4. Not Available: Children who are not available have families or relatives who have custody of them and who have informed us that they do not want the child[ren] to be adopted. These children are only available to be hosted.


    1. All children profiled within our Colombian program are available for adoption.
    2. Given the adoption status of Frontier Horizon Colombian children, preference for hosting is given to families strongly inclined toward adoption.
    3. Families not inclined toward adoption are encouraged to host Colombian children if they are committed to “advocating” for the adoption of the children among their friends, family and network.
    4. Hosting a Colombian child does NOT guarantee a successful adoption of the hosted child.


    1. Frontier Horizon’s Nicaraguan program is HOST ONLY. Children hosted from Nicaragua are NOT available for adoption.
    2. The Nicaraguan children hosted with Frontier Horizon have families, they are simply desperately poor. Thus the focus of hosting these children is on creating surrogate families of sorts. These relationships have the ability to profoundly impact the lives of the children hosted. Please consult with a Frontier Horizon staff member regarding the amazing opportunities that exist within this program.
    3. Hosting a Nicaraguan child is an especially good option for families not inclined toward adoption.

    Note: Frontier Horizon’s mission is to bridge the gap between a vulnerable child and those in a position to help. “Helping” takes many forms and countless stories of creative measures to ensure such care can be told. Thus both kids available for traditionally understood adoption and those not available for such arrangements are served by Frontier Horizon. 

    Disrupted / Dissolved Adoptions: It is important for our host families to be aware that not all foreign adoptions work out as planned. Sometimes an adopted child causes such problems that the family finds it necessary to remove the child from their home. While this is very rare, it does happen. Although children in this situation cannot return to their country of origin, another US / Canadian family can adopt the child. Should you find yourself in such a situation and in need of help, there are organizations that can be contacted in order to help you handle this situation:

  • Frontier Horizon Hosting Program Background Requirements

    **Please Note: All Frontier Horizon families new to the program must complete a “Short Visit Report” in addition to their National Criminal Background Check and  National Sex Offender Check. All Frontier Horizon host families who have not submitted a previously completed full home study or Short Visit Report will be required to do the “Short Visit Report” **

    Required Paperwork For Host Families

    • Frontier Horizon Hosting Program Application: The Frontier Horizon Hosting Program Application can be found and completed on the “Resources” page of the Frontier Horizon website. This digital document will auto populate into the Frontier Horizon system upon submission. At the end of the application form you will be promoted to pay the $150 application fee via our secure digital payment gateway. Please allocate this payment to “Pay Hosting Fees” in the dropdown menu provided in the payment portal.
    • National Criminal Background Check: If you will be doing a Short Visit Report or Home Study, you can ask your social worker to do a National Criminal Background Check, or you can contact a national agency to do your report. We suggest the FBI check, which covers both the national background check and sex offender check.  available at the following link: us/cjis/background-checks . Both the National Criminal Background and Sex Offender Background checks must be provided for all persons in your household ages 18 and older. All National Criminal Background Checks must be mailed directly from the Background Check Agency or Social Worker to Frontier Horizon. Frontier Horizon does not accept Background Checks via email or fax or from the host family.
    • National Sex Offender Check: When you apply for your National Criminal Background Check, please also apply for a National Sex Offender Check. All persons in your household ages 18 and older must present Frontier Horizon with both checks. Note that the FBI check covers both.
    • Host Family Agreement: The Frontier Horizon Host Family Agreement is included in the Hosting Program application. Please be sure to fill in the necessary information, sign and returned to Frontier Horizon with the Hosting Program Application.
    • Background History Affidavit: The Background History Affidavit is included in the Hosting Program Handbook. Please fill in the necessary information, sign and submit to Frontier Horizon.
    • Note: The following requirements are only for first-time Frontier Horizon host families:
      • A completed and unexpired Full Home Study OR “Short Visit Report.” Details about the “Short Visit Report” are included below and can be found on the “Resources” page of the Frontier Horizon website.
      • A copy of the Licensed Clinical Social Worker’s License or Agency’s License: This is paramount and must be presented with the Home Study or “Short Visit ”
      • The Frontier Horizon Authorization for Release and Exchange of Information Form: Please be certain that both parties sign this form releasing Host Family information to Frontier Horizon.

    All new host families must present Frontier Horizon with a “Short Visit Report” or with a completed and valid Home Study. These studies are executed by localized social service / child welfare agencies. Families can contact a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or an Adoption agency to do their report. In the “Short Visit Report,” we ask LCSWs to meet with the host parents (and their children if applicable) and review the Host Family’s home. The LCSW then presents a report and recommendation to Frontier Horizon detailing their experience. Please contact Frontier Horizon if you have further questions about this process.

    Guidelines for the Short Visit Report: The LCSW should address the following issues and questions during the Short Visit Report:

    1. Please interview all family members regarding their interests and hobbies as individuals and any interests or activities shared as a family. Please discuss the type of profession and the individual work schedules with the adults.
    2. Please ask Potential Host Families how they heard about the Frontier Horizon Hosting Program and ask them why they are interested in the program.
    3. Please ask: What do you, as a family, expect of the Hosting Program? What are your expectations concerning your hosted child? Why are you interested in hosting an international orphan?
    4. Please ask if the family is aware of some of the behaviors associated with children who have lived in orphanages (abuse, neglect, abandonment, bed-wetting, etc). It is very important for families to understand potential problems and to be prepared.
    5. Please ask: Have you participated in any other adoption or foster programs? Have you read any materials about adoption or foster care children? Please explain.
    6. Please ask: What are your experiences with children? Are there children currently living in the household? Do you have adopted children? How do the children presently living in your home feel about the Frontier Horizon Hosting Program?
    7. Please discuss methods of discipline used in the home, and please explain that corporal punishment is strictly prohibited with hosted children.
    8. Please discuss the family’s support system (extended family members, friends, church groups, etc).
    9. Please discuss the layout of the physical home. Where will the hosted child[ren] sleep? Will the hosted child[ren] share a bathroom with other family members? Are dangerous objects and medications safely stored out of reach? Are there pets, and are there rules regarding the pets? Is the home sanitary and appropriately cleaned? Are there any safety concerns that need to be addressed?
    10. Are there any unresolved loss issues that may complicate a family hosting a child? (i.e.: recent death of a child, etc )
    11. Are there any “red flags” or concerns that you have about the family’s participation as a host parents for the Frontier Horizon Hosting Program? Are there any issues of which our staff should be aware?

    Note: Frontier Horizon requests that each question is answered during the interview with the prospective host parents. The answers provided are to be noted, evaluated and reported to Frontier Horizon. In addition the LCSW is to provide his/her professional assessment and  recommendation regarding the suitability of the perspective hosts parents for the Frontier Horizon international child hosting program. 

    All completed and signed documents can be sent to the following address.

    Frontier Horizon
    P.O. Box 4429
    Virginia Beach, 
    Virginia 23454

  • How To Prepare For Your Hosted Child

    Frontier Horizon recommends that all host families make sure they are prepared before the host child[ren] arrive. We suggest:

    • Most of the children hosted with Frontier Horizon speak little to no English. Some of the children are highly motivated to learn English and others are not so inclined. Families are encouraged to become adept at using Google Translate. Google Translate is a very helpful tool, particularly once you become proficient with it.
    • Visit your local bookstore and purchase a phonetic Spanish or Russian/English dictionary. Having a phonetic dictionary will help you pronounce words more accurately when speaking to your host child. Books with a Spanish or Russian-to-English portion will also help you translate what your child is trying to say to you.
    • Please sit down with your family prior to your hosted child[ren]’s arrival and compile a list of rules for your family and your household. Please prepare to share these rules with your hosted child[ren] starting at their arrival. Please do not assume that the child[ren] will “know how to act” or what is expected with regard to cultural norms and/or “manners.” Ensuring that expectation and behavior guidelines are explicit and clear will be very helpful in establishing a good experience for all involved. Most children are visiting the United States or Canada for the first time, and they will need a grace period to adjust to this new world of foreign culture, language, family dynamics, and time zone. The children you are hosting are absorbing a number of significant new realities when coming to your home. Please be sensitive to the challenges they are facing in adjusting to you and your home.
    • Please be specific in your expectations for your hosted child[ren]. May they “help themselves” in your kitchen? Can they call their friends who are staying with other families? Do they need to ask before leaving the table, making a phone call, playing outside, etc.? Please also take the time to show your hosted child[ren] around your home so they can understand what is off limits and what spaces and devices they are welcome to use.
    • There are many online resources available to help in translation of house rules from English to Spanish or Russian. We recommend starting with Google Translate. Frontier Horizon encourages families to ensure expectations and house rules are clearly articulated and/or printed for children able to read. Note: Please translate from English-Russian/Spanish and then back again from Spanish/Russian-English to be certain that you are getting the clearest translation possible. Some words are difficult to translate!
    • Frontier Horizon cannot be responsible for the behavior of the hosted child[ren]. It is the responsibility of the host parent[s] to explain and enforce family rules and boundaries. However, if you are having particular trouble managing a situation with your hosted child[ren], please contact the Frontier Horizon staff and/ or follow the steps of the 72-Hour Conflict Resolution Plan.
  • Other Cultural Differences

    Host families should be prepared to accommodate cultural differences with patience and understanding.

    • Food
      • Frontier Horizon hosted child[ren] come from a myriad of child welfare systems in different regions of the world. Therefore, their diets, preferences and feeding rhythms may vary from your own. However, all Frontier Horizon children are poor, and the children do not eat as well as they could. In Ukrainian foods such as potatoes, cabbage, and soup are common and preferred. Starchy foods are also popular and common in Ukraine. In Latin-American countries rice, beans, corn and tortillas are a mainstay of their daily diet. These things are more likely to be familiar and palatable to the children.
      • Hosted children may not like American food or it may even upset their stomachs. Considering that Ukrainian culture also tends to be very blunt and straightforward, please do not be offended should the children refuse food they are unfamiliar with. Most of the time, children do seem to enjoy pizza, chicken, french fries, and of course… ice cream.
      • When offering food to the hosted child[ren], guardian, or translator please be patient and offer options.
      • In general hosted children will most often grow accustom to the new food options you provide, develop favorites and navigate well through the various new tastes and textures you present to them. Be patient, enjoy the journey and allow this to be one more rich part of your hosting experience.
    • Temperature
      •  During the hot summer months, orphanages do not have the luxury air conditioning. Be prepared for your hosted child[ren] to be cold or uncomfortable while AC is running.
      • In the winter months, particularly in Ukraine, it can be very cold. Many of the kids have become accustom to being cold and may need reminders to bundle up appropriately during the winter program. Please be sure that they are comfortable and have the necessary coats, gloves, blankets, and shoes that they may need.
    • Communication
      • Many Ukrainians are very decisive and can be experienced as stubborn or abrupt compared to normative social interactions in the west. The Russian language uses many harsh tones and commanding phrases. Please note that this is a cultural difference and not a personal infraction. You may notice that some Ukrainians seem to be screaming at each other when speaking in Russian. This is a commonly accepted way of communication in Ukraine. Conversely, children from Nicaragua are more likely to keep their preferences or challenges to themselves for fear of offending. Every culture, not to mention child, is unique. Educating oneself on the nuances of culture and communication that are most familiar to the children you intend to host is a prudent investment of your time.
      • The children who participate in Frontier Horizon’s Hosting Programs come from systems of care that are significantly under resourced. Those in institutionalized care are often cared for by well meaning but oft under educated staff. While many foreign education systems include English learning classes, many of the children we serve are not afforded these luxuries and most do not speak any English at all. If the children do know some English, they often fear that they will use the wrong words or pronounce words incorrectly and thus refrain from attempting to use what little they know. Your kind and patient engagement with them around language can be a rich two way street of discovery that adds great value to the experience of all involved. Your attempts to learn their language will most often make them much more willing to try to learn yours.
      • Once again, Google Translate will become a close and dear friend to those who do not have the luxury of speaking the native tongue of the children they host.
    •  Hygiene
      • Due to limited hot water in the orphanages and the impoverished settings that children served by Frontier Horizon live in, some children may be unfamiliar with hot showers or bathing on a regular basis. These are important things to explain to hosted children.
      • Brushing their teeth twice daily, washing their hands after using the restroom, and washing their hands before eating meals may be unfamiliar routines for them. Please patiently help them engage these helpful activities while they are in your care
      • In many developing countries, plumbing is also very different from the United States. Often children are accustomed to disposing of toilet paper in the trash can instead of in toilets. This is a hard habit for children to break. Please try to explain to children upon arrival to flush all toilet paper, and please be aware that some toilet paper will still end up in your family’s trash can.
      • Ukrainian children tend to wash their undergarments and socks while showering. Please be aware of this.
      • Many children who come to the US and Canada for hosting bring with them head lice. This ailment can create significant challenges if not proactively and promptly engaged. We strongly encourage all host families to be prepared with a high quality head lice mitigation treatment to be used proactively with their hosted children. Having said this, PLEASE be sensitive in the way you engage this very real challenge to ensure children are not left feeling awkward or ostracized.
    • Clothing
      • Because hosted children are arriving directly from a context with very limited provisions, they often come to the host country with only the clothes they are wearing. This is not an exaggeration. Many children visit the United States without bringing a single piece of luggage or even a small bag. If the child[ren] do bring a bag, we encourage all host families to go through the bag with their host child[ren], perhaps by helping them unpack, to be aware of their clothing needs.
      • Children from orphanages often share clothes and thus may not bring any extra clothes with them for the Hosting Program. Frontier Horizon encourages orphanage children, staff, and directors to help children separate clothing to pack for their trips to the United States. However, this rarely happens.
      • Please realize that it is the responsibility of the Host Family to ensure hosted child[ren] are clothed. Clothing provided can be hand-me-downs, purchased from consignment shops, or purchased new. Please feel free to collect clothing from your church, friends, or business. The important thing is to ensure the kids are properly cared for and made to feel valuable.
    • Gifts
      • Because children often arrive with no more than what they are wearing or a small bag of belongings, many families shower the children with gifts the moment they arrive. However, this gives the child the impression that their family is rich and may lead to confusion and bad behavior. PLEASE do not spoil your child. Physically visiting the United States or Canada and staying with a family in a stable home is a positive experience in itself.
  • Important Information About Orphanage Children

    Children who have been living in orphanages or institutionalized care often present issues of concerns which include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Nutritional deficits
    • Delayed growth and development
    • History of physical, emotional, and/ or sexual abuse
    • Speech and language delays*
    • Emotional and behavioral problems
    • Attachment disorders
    • Neglect and/or abandonment trauma
    • Learning disabilities
    • Other undetected or undiagnosed health concerns

    Some children experiencing developmental delays, and/or poor orphanage conditions, have developed behavioral challenges and undesirable habits. Some children have been known to wet the bed. Frontier Horizon will inform host parents ahead of time if a child has a known recent or current bed-wetting problem.

    Due to orphanage conditions, some children arrive with head lice or bedbugs. Though they are checked at the orphanage before leaving, some lice or bedbugs are missed or the treatments available to the caretakers are not effective. We highly recommend host families check the children and their belongings upon their arrival. If lice, bedbugs, or any other pests are discovered, please inform the Frontier Horizon staff and immediately seek effective treatment.

    It is uncommon for children to arrive sick. However, should your hosted child[ren] show signs of illness upon arrival, please inform Frontier Horizon staff immediately and take appropriate steps for mitigating the child’s discomfort. At times it is little more than air sickness or food intolerance. However, should the condition persist please use prudence and engage the appropriate professional medical care.

    Shopping for your hosted child 

    When purchasing things for your hosted child we ask that you keep the following things in mind. Failing to do so could create short and more importantly long-term issues for you and/or the child.

    • If you must spoil your hosted child[ren], please do not spoil them during the first week of the visit. Frontier Horizon host families have found that the first week of the visit often sets the expectation for the entire stay. We recommend spreading treats, gifts, and experiences out evenly for the duration of the program.
    • You may buy your hosted child[ren] a few necessities when they arrive, but it is important to say “No” (“Nyet” in Russian) if they start asking for shopping trips or for you to buy them their own electronic devices.
    • It is up to the discretion of host families to make other “want-based” purchases for your hosted child. However, it is advisable to wait until the last week of the children’s visit so that you are not setting a standard for their time with you.
    • Please be mindful of the context to which your hosted child is returning. Over buying can create numerous challenges for orphanage staff and the children you have hosted. In the past, children who have returned to their country of origin with an exorbitant number of gifts have had many of their things lost or taken. Please use prudence and restraint when expressing love in the form of gift giving. Please do not buy cell phones or electronic equipment that can easily be stolen.
    • Every host family is unique with various stories to tell and gifts to share. It is always helpful to keep “all” the children in mind when investing in “the” child you hosted. Please be aware that many of the children will discuss their activities and gifts with each other both during and after their stay with you. As all children do, hosted children often compare their schedules and their gifts. Please keep this in mind when investing in the gifts and experiences provided for your host child(ren).
    • We ask every family to abide by our ONE (1) large return suitcase request. Sending more than ONE (1) large suitcase in not necessary and often creates more problems than benefits. PLEASE bring your hosted child to the departure airport with only ONE (1) large return suitcase. Thank you!
  • Frontier Horizon Recommends . . .
    • At the airport: When you arrive at the airport to pick up your hosted child, feel free to bring a sign with his/her name written in their native tongue. Please also pack a small meal or snack or plan to stop for food for your hosted child, as children are often hungry when they arrive to the airport.
    • Other Host Families: Should you be hosting in a community where other families are hosting as well planning times to connect can be a rich addition to the experience. We encourage families to share these experience with other families if and when possible as this provides helpful support and meaningful points of engagement for all involved. We have found that children enjoy being able to speak in their native tongue with their peers and those with a similar experience.
    • When Hosting Guardians/Translators: Please give guardians, translators, and/ or the hosted child[ren] their schedule in advance. Frontier Horizon has found that children and guardians like to be able to be prepared for the next day’s activities.
    • Weekly Activities: We recommend that host families plan two activities or more each week for their hosted child and/or guardian/translator. Activities do not need to be expensive. Taking children on a scenic drive, visit a park, attend the story-hour at a nearby library, tour a museum, see the holiday lights in the winter, visit bodies of water in the summer, etc. Clearly communicating ahead of time about things like whether or not a child can swim at the lake or what engagement in the days plans will entail is always helpful. Also keep in mind that historical and cultural sights and experiences will be far different experiences for the children you host than that of a typical American or Canadian. Having planned activities gives the children and adults something to look forward to and also enriches their experience, education, and understanding of the history and culture of the west.
    • Community Gatherings: Since one of the main purposes of our Hosting Program is to increase awareness of the needs of orphaned children, we ask host families to consider hosting a picnic, Christmas party, or gathering with friends and family from church, work, or the neighborhood. These events raise awareness of what we do. Frontier Horizon staff are willing and available to come to your city to speak about the needs of the kids we serve and how they might engage Frontier Horizon programs. Please contact us if you are interested in more information about this.
  • Frontier Horizon Conflict Resolution Plan

    If you are having trouble with your hosted child and need assistance, we are here to support you. Decades of experience has taught us that our international translators are often the most effective means of mitigating challenges with hosted children. Therefore, if you are presented with a challenge that requires intervention we ask that host parents engage a Frontier Horizon translator as a first point of contact. Contact information for these helpful partners will be provided to all hosting families. In addition to being an amazing, potentially life changing experience, international hosting can also be a very stressful experience for the children hosted. Helping kids navigate these points of stress is a high priority for Frontier Horizon. Often a brief connection with a mentor that is familiar to the child, one who knows their history, and speaks their language resolves any challenges that may arise. We strongly encourage all host families to contact a translator to help with conflicts or communication difficulties. Understanding between the hosted child and host family is key to the creating a positive hosting experience. We ask all host families to be sensitive to the many adjustments hosted children must make with regard to time zones, language, and cultural differences upon arriving to the United States or Canada. Please be patient as it may take some time to make the needed adjustments.

    Mitigating extreme difficulty: If you are having persistent and/or extreme challenges with your hosted child such that removing the child from your home becomes necessary we ask that you follow the Frontier Horizon Conflict Resolution Plan. Said plan is noted below.

    Note: We ask all host families to give their hosted children a minimum of three or four days to adjust to the new time difference, their new surroundings, and their Host Family before contacting Frontier Horizon regarding the significant action of moving a child.

    Note: If your child must be removed from your home and placed in another home in a different city, the original Host Family is responsible for the cost of airfare for their hosted child and guardian/translator to relocate.

    72 Hour Conflict Resolution Plan:

    • STEP 1: Please contact Frontier Horizon staff immediately to explain your situation and to express your concerns.
    • STEP 2: Frontier Horizon staff will immediately contact a translator to intervene in the situation. The translator should intervene within 24 hours of the initial complaint. Frontier Horizon prefers intervention to be done in person, but if a translator cannot get to your home, the intervention can be done via phone or video conference. Please provide at least a 24 hour grace period after the intervention call for change to take place in the dynamics with the hosted child[ren].
    • STEP 3: If unmanageable challenges persist and the host family desires for child[ren] to be placed in another home 48 hours after the intervention, the family must immediately call Frontier Horizon staff, and relocation plans will be initiated. We will do our best to make arrangements within the next 24 hours. All host families must understand that they will NOT receive reimbursement for the program after the hosted child is removed. Understand that the entire relocation process takes a minimum of 3 to 4 days.
  • Frontier Horizon Translators

    Many families experience significant anxiety regarding the idea of trying to communicate with a child whose first or only language is not one that they share. As a result, Frontier Horizon hires translators to travel with the children and to help families communicate throughout the duration of the Hosting Program. Frontier Horizon also provides over-the-phone translation services to families within the United States. We highly recommend that host families become proficient with Google Translate as it is a very effective tool for mitigating language barriers. Drawing skills, photos, symbols, and games to boost communication and fast learning can also be helpful. Charades, matching games, and vocabulary cards are all helpful tools to overcome language barriers with your hosted child[ren]. If you believe the support of a Frontier Horizon translator may be helpful please do not hesitate to reach out to them, they will be delighted to serve you.

    Families who are interested in hosting a translator in their home for the entire hosting program, or for a portion of it, are welcome to contact our staff to arrange such plans. Families who chose to host translators should expect to provide food, housing, and payment for any activities or outings they would assist with during their stay with you. Hosting a translator does not terminate their responsibilities regarding the support of other host families. Thus, expect other host families to call the translator for assistance.

    Note: Translators are not to be used as babysitters. We respect our translators and are grateful for their hard work. Please do not expect or ask them to watch your hosted child for more than one hour.

    Translators attend Frontier Horizon training, and they receive a small stipend from Frontier Horizon. Translators are instructed to:

    • Purchase their own clothing, gifts, and souvenirs.
    • Translators are not permitted to send emails to the host family list.
    • Translators ate not permitted to make long distance phone calls without permission from the host family.
    • Translators are not permitted to initiate calls to other host families.

    When hosting a Frontier Horizon Translator

    • When explaining your “house rules” to your hosted child, please also be specific with your translator. It may be that you will have different guidelines for them than you do for your hosted child. However, you will need to make that clear to the translator. Can your translator “help themselves” to the kitchen? Do you mind if the translator cooks for the child[ren]? Can your translator use your phone or other devices? What items or rooms are “off limits?” Clear guidelines and expectations will ensure that all are best positioned for a great experience.
    • Please try to give translators an idea of their schedule at least a day in advance. Translators typically prefer the chance to prepare themselves for the days activities and what may be required of them. Knowing what to expect will aid their ability to engage the day in ways that are most helpful.
    • When hosting a Ukrainian child or translator please note that the Ukrainian language and culture tends to be very decisive and at times may be experienced as stubborn or abrupt to westerners. The Russian language uses many harsh tones and commanding phrases. Please note that this is a cultural difference and not a personal infraction. You may notice that some Ukrainians seem to be screaming at each other when speaking in Russian. This is a commonly accepted way of communication in Ukraine. Conversely, when hosting a child or translator from Nicaragua or Colombia one may need to consistently remind your guest that you want them to feel free to communicate with you regarding their desires and preferences.

    Note: If you have a problem with your translator, or if an issue arises, please contact Frontier Horizon staff immediately. Please be honest and open with your translator about the problems you are having. If you do not contact Frontier Horizon staff about translator-related issues, we cannot help you resolve them. If you are interested in hosting a translator in your home, please be sure to note your interest on the Frontier Horizon Hosting Program Application. Many families are interested in hosting translators, and there are not always enough translators to stay with all the families who request them. Please let us know of your interest in hosting a translator as soon as possible.

  • International Guardians

    Each of the countries that Frontier Horizon partners with requires that guardians travel with the children being hosted and that these caregivers remain in the US or Canada during the duration of the hosting program. Each countries requirements are unique and abiding by the requirements of each government system is a high priority for Frontier Horizon. Below you will find a few important notes.

    For those engaging the Colombian hosting program please note. Every family hosting a Colombian child will be required to host a Colombian guardian in your home for a minimum of 3 days during the hosting period. This requirement is not negotiable and a function of the Colombian government child safety protocol.

    For those engaging the Nicaraguan or Ukrainian program. Guardians and translators travel with the children during their commute to the international flight hub in the US or Canada. These helpful international partners are available to support your hosting experience but are not required to be hosted by you at any point during the program. 

    Frontier Horizon is grateful for the service of our international guardians and translators. Providing for the food and lodging of these valued partners is a part of hosting program. Frequently guardian / translators stay with the children and host families and are generally a wonderful bonus for the families that host them. It is also acceptable to find a place for them with neighbors or nearby friends. Please let us know if you or a family friend can host a guardian. The guardians will periodically check in on the children in their group, wherever they are hosted.

  • Resources For Host Families And Potentially Adoptive Families

    RestaurantsTo host families interested in experiencing a taste of their hosted child’s culture, we highly recommend you look up international markets or restaurants in your community that specialize in the traditional cuisine that your hosted children are accustom to. We recommend families visit these businesses, talk to the staff, and taste their food.  Hosted children will likely enjoy this experience as well. Any investment in reciprocal learning will enrich the hosting experience and elevate relational bonding.

    If you have a positive experience at an ethnic-centric business or restaurant, please share that experience with Frontier Horizon so that we can recommend it to other hosts in your area. 

    Reading in is  a website that has proven useful in helping our international guests read in English!

    Other recommended resources for our host families interested in adoption:

    Center for Adoption Support and Education, Inc. (C.A.S.E.)
    8505 Arlington Blvd., Suite 420
    Fairfax, VA 22301

    Families for Russian & Ukrainian Adoptions

    Families interested in Colombian Adoptions:

    If you know of other sources you would recommend we provide to our host families, please contact Frontier Horizon and let us know.

  • Scholarship Opportunities

    Frontier Horizon is committed to making international child hosting as accessible as possible for all families. To that end the Frontier Horizon team diligently engages individuals, foundations and agencies to secure resources to be leverage for families that need financial assistance regarding their efforts to engage the hosting program. Scholarship funds are not always available but we encourage families who are challenged with financing international child hosting with Frontier Horizon to ask the staff about any scholarship funds that may be available. At times, specific children are sponsored, discounts are available, or partial-funding opportunities come available.

    Note: All scholarship awards are based on legitimate need and are never sufficient to cover all cost related to hosting. For specific opportunities and details please contact Frontier Horizon staff. 

  • Helping Frontier Horizon

    In addition to hosting children there are several ways to help Frontier Horizon and our future host families!

    • Become a “Say Yes” Frontier Horizon monthly partner. Your monthly support of $24 is a HUGE part of ensuring that Frontier Horizon can continue to say, “YES” to every child that ask to be hosted. Easily done here:
    • Volunteer to translate! Contact the Frontier Horizon staff to discuss opportunities.(For fluent speakers of Russian, Ukrainian, or Spanish)
    • Send us your recommended resources for translation (Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish).
    • Make a donation to the Frontier Horizon Hosting Scholarship Fund. Easily done here:
    • Recommend websites or digital resources on the history and culture host countries.
    • Recommend restaurants and recipes from the cultures of the hosted children.
    • Follow and share Frontier Horizon Social media pages and posts. This is HUGE!
    • Connect us with medical professionals who may be willing to donate services to hosted children.
    • Share photos, videos, and stories from your hosting experience with us for use on our website, social media and newsletter.
    • Ask us about hands-on volunteer opportunities available in your region.
    • Connect the Frontier Horizon staff with your church, club, friends and community regarding opportunities to present the benefits associated with Frontier Horizon programs.
    • Organize events in your area for nearby host families (potlucks, field trips, movie nights, etc).
    • Become a Host Program Partner! These volunteers provide friendship to hosted children and support to host families. We prefer these volunteers to be former host families or adoptive families.
    • Become a Back-up Host Family! These volunteers are called when Frontier Horizon host families decide that a child must be removed from their home and relocated to another family. These families do not have to pay the hosting program fees, but they are responsible for the food, clothing, and activities of hosted children. All “back-up families” are also responsible for having current documentation necessary for hosting children in their home such as a home study and background checks.
  • Communicating With Frontier Horizon Staff

    Cell Phones 

    Frontier Horizon strongly recommends that all host families carry cell phones with them at all times. Particularly during the time associated with picking up and dropping off your hosted children at the international airport. Please also always have a way to be contacted during outings with hosted children. It is of paramount importance for our staff to be able to reach you. In the past, host families have been caught in traffic, had emergencies or otherwise been detained and have not been able to contact our staff to advise them of the situation. This has created some very significant challenges. Communication is essential to ensuring progromatic success, particularly while children are in transit. Please take note of Frontier Horizon staff contact information and ensure that we have yours, and your spouses if applicable. Please always have your cell phone with you. Please ensure that all appropriate Frontier Horizon cell numbers are in your address book. Thank you! 


    Host Families will receive program information, updates, and contact information for other host families via email. Please ensure that the Frontier Horizon staff has a current email for you and your spouse where applicable.

    Please feel free to contact Frontier Horizon Staff with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are here to serve you. 

    Frontier Horizon Staff Contact Information:

    Dr. Vincent Rosini, President

    Sue Shukstor, Hosting Coordinator

    Mailing Address:

    P.O. Box 4429
    Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454

  • After The Hosting Program

    Frontier Horizon is committed to doing everything it can to ensure that every family and child that engages its programs have an excellent experience. Serving well is a top priority for Frontier Horizon. Part of realizing this commitment to excellence is clear, honest and consistent feedback. We want to hear about your experience. What went well? What was a challenge? How can we improve? What might you advise other families to consider when investigating hosting? Every data point you provide to Frontier Horizon has the potential to make the experience of the next family and/or child better. Your feedback is a very significant way to partner with our mission of bridging the gap between a vulnerable child and those in a position to help. To that end we ask that you consider the following

    Keep a journal noting the following. (suggested)

    • Daily experience, feelings and thoughts regarding your hosting experience.
    • Experiences, thoughts and feelings had by your children or other family members in your home.
    • Things you found to be challenging about your experience of hosting – pre / mid / and post hosting.
    • Things your host child shared with you or experiences they had that they found particularly meaningful.
    • How your experience of hosting has impacted you, changed you, or informed you with regard to your personal engagement with the global orphan crisis.

    Complete and submit a Hosting Summary Review Packet. (REQUIRED)

    Hosting an international orphan is a significant commitment of time, resources and emotional energy. Many who come upon the opportunity of international child hosting face significant anxiety about all that is unknown in such a journey. Your story is the best antidote to such anxiety. Furthermore, your story is the most effective way to garner the engagement and support of future families. Your story may be the very things that inspires another family to engage their own journey of compassion that changes the life of a vulnerable child forever. Your story is the fruit of our collective labor and the primary means of inspiring others to action. With all of this in mind Frontier Horizon requires that all families complete and submit a Hosting Summary Review Packet. This packet will be provided for you and includes the following.

    • A written summary of your hosting experience.
    • A dozen or more photos that visually chronicle your hosting experience. (The more the better!)
    • Completion of the Frontier Horizon Post Hosting Survey.
    • Attendance to a post hosting reflections & feedback zoom meeting. (Optional)

    Collecting the above mentioned assets is vitally important to our mission. We kindly ask that you PLEASE not make us have to repeatedly ask for your cooperation with regard to these relatively simple request.

    Recognizing the Generosity of Those Who Serve

    It is very common for individuals of influence and resource to volunteer their services and assets for the enrichment of hosted children. Should you be fortunate to experience such generosity in your hosting experience we ask that you please remember to record any in-kind medical (or other) donations that your child receives. Frontier Horizon would like to appropriately acknowledge such generosity and provide available tax deductible receipting where appropriate and desired. Providing the name, contact information, and a description of the gifts and/or services provided will enable us to honor these generous investments.

    The staff at Frontier Horizon thanks you for your help regarding these matters.

  • Frontier Horizon’s Crash Course In Russian


    How are you?— Kak dela?

    What is your name?— Kak tebya zavut?

    My name is… — Menya zovut …

    How old are you? —Skolka tebya let?

    Please / You’re welcome— Pozhalsta

    Thank you—Spasibo

    Very good– Ochen horosho

    Good bye– Poka (familiar), Do svidanya ( formal)

    Do you want to eat?—Ti hochesh kooshat?

    Go to sleep. —Idi spat.

    What do you want to do today?— Shto ti hochesh sevodnya dyelat?

    What’s wrong?—Shto takoye?

    Do you need something— Ti hochesh shto-to?

    What do you like–Shto ti lubit?

    We like you. —Ti nam nravitsa.

    Let’s go– poidyom, or poshli



    Don’t touch that— Ne trogai eto.

    Come here– Idi suda.

    Good morning—Dobroye utro.

    Good afternoon— Dobrii dyen.

    Do this— Sdyelai eto.

    Do you need to go to the bathroom?— Tebe nuzhno toiliet?

    Would you like to play … ?— Ti hochesh igrat…?

    Stop — Ostanovi

    Let’s go swimming!—Davai kupatza?

    I love you—Ya lublu tebya 

    Shower— Doush

    Beach— Plyazh


    Lake— Ozero 


    Store— magazine

    Drink— peet

    Juice— sok

    Yuck or ew— foo!

    Counting, 1-10 – odin (1), dva (2), tri (3), chitiri (4), pyat (5), shest (6), syem (7), vosyem (8), dyevet (9), dyesit (10).

  • In closing

    Frontier Horizon exist to bridge the gap between vulnerable children and those in a position to help. We accomplish this mission by bringing orphans home. For many of our partners this means that a child from a far away place comes to live in their home in the US or Canada for a season. For others it means engaging our efforts to bring “home” to children in the countries in which they live via our International Impact Trips. In every case our goal is clear. We seek to chart a path to a safe, healthy and fruitful future for vulnerable and disadvantaged children. All of this is made possible by the generous and gracious engagement of you our partners and host families. We are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to partner with you.

    The genesis of Frontier Horizon reaches back more than three decades. From the days of that first trip to Nicaragua that forever changed the life of Frontier Horizon Founder, Dr. Vincent Rosini, to this present moment we have remained convinced that compassionate action transforms lives. We are persuaded that those who experience the beauty and struggle of the poor firsthand will be compelled to help. Our work is focused on creating these visceral encounters. The work of compassion is messy and it comes with no guarantees. Empowering the poor, in all its forms, is complicado, to quote one of our Nicaraguan partners. Those who choose to engage the work of compassion will experience the very best of humanity. They are also likely to experience the weight of heartache and the ever present compulsion to “do more.” To be sure, everyone who engages the plight of international orphans will be forever changed. We are eager to take this journey with you and to serve as your guide along the way.

    Thank you for your engagement!

  • IMPORTANT Handbook Content Advisement

    Handbook Contents

    The contents of this handbook are current and accurate. However, the nature of international child hosting is dynamic and significantly tied to international governments and agencies of whom Frontier Horizon has no control. Because of this dependent relationship we ask that all who engage Frontier Horizon understand that new and changing standards, requirements and protocol can come into play at any given time. Most often, if changes are required they are minor, but may necessitate some adaptation by Frontier Horizon and its host families. Frontier Horizon will inform all families committed to hosting of these changes should they arise.

    Specific Details

    The contents of this handbook are intended to be informative but they are not exhaustive. Furthermore, you may have specific questions that are not address in this manual. The Frontier Horizon Handbook is meant to be a helpful resource that answers many common questions and elevates other questions specific to your situation. All is focused on facilitating an effective and efficient individual conversation with your Frontier Horizon staff member who will guide you through the process of executing a very satisfying hosting experience.

    Your responsibility

    Engaging International child hosting is a complex process that entails many steps, requirements and provisions. This handbook has been created to ensure that all prospective host families are well informed and well positioned to fulfill all that is required for securing their hosting experience. Carefully reading ALL CONTENT within the Frontier Horizon Handbook is critical. Failure to meet all necessary child hosting steps may lead to the forfeiture of hosting approval and all related financial investment. Pleading ignorance regarding the material clearly stated within this handbook and/or other related official documents will not dismiss personal responsibility for fulfilling all hosting requirements and commitments.

    Frontier Horizon’s Commitment

    We are here to serve you. We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure your hosting experience is a great one. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Frontier Horizon staff if you have any questions or concerns.

    Thank you!