Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine
August 16 – 28, 2023

Frontier Horizon has been saying “YES” to orphaned and vulnerable children for decades. Through its international child hosting program more than a thousand orphans have found their forever family and many more have established surrogate relationships that have supported them into adulthood. In this season of war in Ukraine Frontier Horizon has not been permitted to bring these precious children home to you so, with your support, we have found ways to bring home to them. The need for support, love and protection has never been more needed than it is now for the children of Ukraine.

Camp Say Yes is one such investment. Camp Say YES provides an opportunity for children to be relieved of the stifling oppression of war while also providing those of us in a position to help a practical and personal way to express our compassion. These times of respite have proven to be profoundly impactful for the kids of Frontier Horizon. Together we are standing against the hopelessness, injustice, and devastation of war.

Frontier Horizon and its Ukrainian partners have secured plans to execute Camp Say Yes once again for children from some of the wars most devastated communities. With your support we hope to send hundreds of children to the Carpathian Mountains for a re-creative experience of nature, art, sport, laughter, and safety. Together we can help a child believe that the present struggle will not have the final word regarding their dreams for a different future.

Your gift of $396 will say YES to one more child who is asking, can I go too?

How it works

  • Your gift of $396 per camper will provide an all-expenses paid voucher for one child to attend Camp Say Yes.
  • NOTE: Sibling set profiles will only be sent together and will require a gift of $396 per child.
  • Select a child / children from the Camp Say Yes gallery of children.
  • Download the Camp Say Yes profile picture of your camper(s) to share the experience with friends and family. (Optional)
  • Upload a note and picture of you / you and your family to be delivered to your camper(s). (optional)
  • Click Submit. This will take you to our secure website giving portal where you can make your tax deductible gift of $396 per camper. Designating your funds to “Camp Say Yes” in the drop-down menu provided
  • Updates regarding the camp will be regularly provided via all media outlets

Important Notes

  • Given the extreme fluidity of the situation in Ukraine at this time, though unlikely, it is possible that for any number of reasons the child you choose may in the end, not be able to attend the camp. Should such an unfortunate circumstance occur an alternate child will be chosen to go in her/his stead. You will be informed of any such action.
  • NEW ADDITION: Frontier Horizon has developed the capability to facilitate a safe and easy way to communicate with your camper after camp concludes should you and your camper opt into the opportunity. Once testing is complete, we will advise all involved campers and sponsors on how to pursue this opportunity.
  • Any questions regarding your engagement with this effort may be emailed to Tom Sasser at

Thank you for your partnership!

New child profiles will be added regularly as we secure the needed information and pictures.



Angela M
  • Name: Angela M
  • Age: 12
  • Location: Andrushivka Zhytomyr region
  • Child ID #: CSY7904
  • Sponsored: Yes
Camp Say Yes

Milana K
  • Name: Milana K
  • Age: 11
  • Location: Borodianka, Kiev Region
  • Child ID #: CSY8019
  • Sponsored: Yes
Camp Say Yes