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A Note from our Ukrainian translator, who helped Frontier Horizon on behalf of our Christmas Wish program

Working for Frontier Horizon has always been one of the most special experiences I've ever had.

Since the first time long ago it opened my heart to the children who so desperately needed love and care and any interest in them . Every program that Vincent does here is an amazing time full of love, happiness, smiles and laughter and of course tons of hugs from little people ) Together with the happy time and joy you also discover some heartbreaking stories of children's life in the past . You think you know that childhood can be tough for someone .. but every time you learn what some of them had to go through you can't keep from crying.

This year it has been a long time not seeing Vinny.  And of course the joy of him coming was boundless )) We got to see children from different orphanages of Odessa and the region . We took kids out for shopping to the mall where they could get anything they wanted for some amount of money. We were split into small groups. I had the small kids like 3rd grade . It was cute how they were trying to choose and try to fit into the amount. They were shy and couldn't start putting things into the cart . It took some time for them to relax and make choices. Also some children were taken to the trampoline park , and game. So much joy and tons of fun! Every night they ask " When are you coming back ?" Or " are you leaving forever ?"
-Katya, February 2021


Thoughts from my Christmas Wish trip to Ukraine

I just returned from my Christmas Wish trip to Ukraine.
To have the power to do good is a privilege.

For many years I could meet the needs of orphan children. Then for several years, I lost that ability. Now I am on the verge of obtaining it again, and it feels good. I met new children on this trip. Eva and her brother Dennis whose mom died recently and left them alone in the world. Alina who loves to text me just to say hello and many others. They were so grateful for the Christmas gifts and so happy about the activities. To see the joy on their faces was worth all the money in the world. I worry about the contributions relative to the need.

Countless children have suffered long before I took some orphan children to the trampoline park, and countless more will suffer after I'm gone. But I can hope that for one moment in time, I made their lives better. If I give "a cup of cold water," it means something. Let's face it; the stats are not favorable for these kids after graduating from the orphanage. Drugs and homelessness are real possibilities for some of them.

Sometimes our attempts at real change are successful through adoption or long-term sponsorship, but for every kid that is saved, several more fall through the cracks. I'm left with hoping that small things do make a difference.

- Dr. Vincent Rosini