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Adoption Stories

Oksana Gregory (Ukraine)

My name is Oksana Gregory. I was a host child in 2009. I was in a orphanage for a year at that time and many of my friends had gotten a chance to go and see another country and be hosted. I began praying and hoping that God would give me an opportunity just like he gave them. One day I was called into the office and the orphanage director told me that I was chosen to be hosted in the USA. I was… read more

Lesya (Ukraine)

My adopted daughter Lesya is, by far, the greatest gift of my life, a gift that I never expected. I learned of Frontier Horizon through some local friends who had hosted a child… and my journey began. I hosted two girls in the summer of 2006. While the experience was positive and amazing in so many ways, there was another little girl who I had originally chosen to host. Due to illness, she wa… read more

So our family story began with a haircut, seriously; it was a 9yr old little girl visiting from Ukraine through Frontier Horizon. My husband and I own a hair salon and naturally when a friend mentioned this program, I offered to do a free haircut for an orphan from Ukraine.

Little did I know how much my life would change from that moment on. The way in which this little girl apprecia… read more

KT Bronson (Ukraine)

It all started one day when my phone rang. It was a pastor from my church and he was telling me that there was a group of orphans coming from Ukraine in a couple months and would I be interested in hosting a 12 y/o boy? That was the day I learned about "Frontier Horizon". Well, I said I would get back to him. We had 3 biological sons and one was also 12. After I looked up Ukraine on a map, I di… read more